Ravens Beat Browns with Strong Defensive Line: Is It Enough to Stand Up to Other Opponents?

  • If they were able to beat one team with a strong defencive line I would guess they are doingsomething right.

    If they continue to repeat the success with their strategy then they should be able to continue to win the rest of the season. If this has been met with a good amount of success. They were able to do it with one team so they must be able to at least try the same strategy to beat other teams.

  • Yes, that is right.

    I strongly believe that it is enough for the Ravens to stand up to the other opponents. This is actually evidenced by by the Ravens beating the Browns with strong defensive line. This means that they are potential and they are now stronger than before. Therefore they should go ahead and stand up to other opponents.

  • They are strong.

    Yes, the Ravens defense is enough to stand up to other teams, because they focus on the basics. The teams that win in the end have a strong defensive line that focuses on strength and conditioning as well as tactics. It was obvious that the Ravens had done their homework and they were prepared to play the Browns.

  • No, the Browns are not the true test of the Raven's defensive line

    The Ravens' defensive line has shown that it is capable of withstanding the Browns, and that it is at least somewhat competent. However, the Browns are not the best team in the NFL, and it is likely that other teams will have a much stronger offense. It remains to be seen whether the Ravens' defensive line can hold up to a top-notch team.

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