Ray Guy in the Hall of Fame: Is American Football Too Dangerous for Our Children?

  • American Football is Dangerous

    Across the country in grade schools, middle schools, and high schools, children are subjected to repeated head trauma every day. Concussion inducing injuries, broken bones, stress injuries, and even death have occurred as a direct result of this sanctioned activity.

    This activity is football. Even with proper protection, children die every year. In 2013, more than five reported deaths were noted, children dying on the field during games as a result of injuries sustained while playing. That is too much.

  • Too many concussions.

    Yes, American Football is too dangerous for our children, because the injury rates and concussion rates are more than are tolerable for our children. If a child falls in an alley unattended and breaks their arm, the parent is charged with child neglect. But if a child breaks their arm playing football, nothing happens to the parent that put them in that situation. It is too dangerous.

  • American Football Too Dangerous for Youth

    With the growing scientific evidence demonstrating the long-term and lasting effects of concussions, the current structure of youth football leagues warrant an immediate review and overhaul. The National Football League has tried to show they are taking measures to curb concussions through proper training and coaching/parental involvement. These efforts are negated, however, when young players witness the professional players exhibit dangerous and improper tackling techniques.

  • No, football is not dangerous when taught how to play properly.

    When a child joins a football team, they are taught how to properly use the equipment given. Coaches will show players how to put on pads properly to avoid upper chest/shoulder injury, and the correct way to wear their helmet including how to make the pads inside their helmet fit to comfort, as well as how to correctly adjust straps. Coaches for each position teach their players how to properly tackle their target with tackling sleds and other players to demonstrate how to "hit" their target with minimal injury.

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