Ray Lewis speech: Should a man with a violent history be giving advice on violent behavior?

  • Who better to talk them down

    For the love of god can we get off Ray Lewis being found innocent of murder like 15 years ago. Also he is the perfect man to talk them down. A local and national icon, a black man and yes a man with maybe a shady past saying knock the non-sense off is maybe the only person to get through to them.

  • Yes, Ray Lewis is right, it's time for the violence to stop.

    Ray Lewis is a son of Baltimore, from both sides of the law. He has done right by his city after spending part of his youth doing wrong. Ray understands why kids are rioting, and is right in his effort to reach out to the rioters by asking them to stop. Ray Lewis knows the consequences that come with violent behavior and his efforts to stop the senseless violence in Baltimore are commendable.

  • Positive use of influencne

    Its important that during this time of conflict individuals with influence use their stature to try and reduce the amount of violence taking place. Ray Lewis may have a history of violence but now he is trying to make a positive impact on the city of Baltimore and bring peace to this difficult situation.

  • No, violent men should never be allowed to give advice speeches.

    Many violent offenders want to show they are rehabilitated and go out into the world, giving speeches on how terrible violence and their behavior is/was. The offenders can look all nice behind the microphone, but in reality, when the trigger is set off at home and the offender loses his cool, more than likely the pattern will continue. There is really no such thing as rehab for abusers.

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