Re legion or Not? Is god real? Is religion true?

Asked by: Nightingale26
  • God is real

    You see everything around us? Do you think that just happened by chance, of course not, god is the creator. Miracles prove that he is real. Explain how it is not real, when over 85 percent of the world is religious, 85% of humans can't be wrong there are over five billion nine hundred fifty million people who believe

  • There is no proof... We go on faith

    I don't know of any religion that has hard, solid, physical or scientific proof that God exists. But religions are based on FAITH, which means trusting in your views no matter if there is evidence or not. Many of us have experienced something or someone that has persuaded us of a God out there somewhere, and you wouldn't think it but that is good enough as any evidence in my eyes.

  • Logic is Real, and so is GOD

    My Myers-Briggs personality type is an INTJ. Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judgmental. I personally value logic, reasoning, and the thought process to be above most everything else. I without a doubt believe that life is a calculation and manipulation of your environment. A chess game to be lived, if you personally prefer the analogy. I have acquaintances whom are strong atheists and do not believe in GOD or Jesus at all. "How?" many people have asked me, "can you be so smart and yet still believe in something as stupid as God?" And now, I am here to get the subject matter of this.

    I respond to their gibes with the proof that, "God is real, and Science, like it or not, supports his existence,". Many peoples are troubled with belief in a higher being due to their bias that Religion is merely superstition and old folk lore. Well, the belief in God is old, I cannot lie. It has existed since the dawn of time itself, when there were such creatures that COULD believe in God. But does this ancient existence of belief deem Religion and the Bible as memorials of a less-enlightened time? I beg to differ.

    I am now going to make 3 logical points most liberals, atheists or agnostics would agree with. I shall then use them to prove the logical stance that: GOD IS REAL.

    1. 'According to the law of conservation of matter, matter (and practically anything in existence, energy, matter or otherwise) cannot be created nor destroyed.'
    Now, since nothing new can EVER be added to universal soup pot, we can therefore infer that everything that does exist has always existed without a beginning. Hold no, what now?? There is no beginning to matter? In other words anything?? The Universe has always existed without an a beginning or an end??? This, if could not have already deduced, poses a severe problem.

    Furthermore, a quote form Stephen Hawking that can quickly usher the fears of any non-religious member reading this post:

    "Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist."

    Gravity exists, so the universe does. You can breath easy. Hawking goes on further to say that "It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going." I contest however, that you more careful read the former quote. He says that the Universe can create itself from nothing. Ok. Because the law of gravity exists. RED FLAG. The last time I checked the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the term 'nothing' is defined as: "not anything" and "not one single thing". I daresay gravity is one single thing. He says the universe needed to exist, and since it needed to exist, the universe created itself. This argument, for me at least, is one quite irrational.

    3. The Big Bang made the Universe.-Instant-creation-of-all-matter-at-once.-But-wait,-doesn't-this-contradict-the-first-2-statements?-And-isn't the-notion-that-an-all-powerful-force-created-everything-that-exists-all-at-once-pretty-much-the-same-as-the-belief-that-GOD-created-the-Universe-through-Intelligent-Design???

  • The Christian Faith is not a Blind faith.

    Faith is trust. Trust MUST be based off of some evidence, be it the proper basicality of some beliefs, like trust in the reality of the physical universe, or on argument and evidence. My faith in Christianity is based on the latter, upon argument and evidence, though certainly belief in God is properly Basic.

  • God is not just a spirit

    Ok, first, god is real, why,

    1. If the god is in human form, it maybe a extra-terrestrial from another planet light-years away, so maybe their technology is better than us, thousands of years ahead of us, because, they last seen is in like thousands of years ago, and since that time is the dawn of us, so people maybe mistaken them as gods, and floating in the sky is their technology or powers.

    2.If they're in spirit-form, remember, scientist have shown that spirits are the force that is been release from the dead person's body, and the spirit is like us, have thoughts and behaviour, and gods are maybe invisible, because since today technology is advance, so no way people will mistaken.

    3.God is real, and it's the dawn of all religion, god make us make religion is because they want us to to use religion to educate people in the world to become good people, so this is what makes it real.

  • God exist! Yes!

    Only a fool would say God don't exist and will be breathing at the same time. Nature repeatedly tells us God exist. Religion is fake and !!! God is in you. We create life. In each of our body's is a universe.. Our brain is the sun. Our bodies are the earth. Our blood is the oil. Our cells are the people. Eventually the earth will die of cancer and man kind will cease to exist.

  • Something can't exist from nothing

    Can God write a novel? God as is commonly conceived isn't real, but, what is real is purpose - a satisfying meaning of God.
    Could roles be reversed, with dinosaurs existing "after" human beings? All I know is that the formula reality's very existence (of which the writing of this very sentence contradicts that very existence) helps me to believe in the notion of a God.

  • Not sure what to say

    I believe God is real.. I often along with unbelievers i'm sure struggle with why a perfect God would allow sickness, wars etc.. I do know that God never once said that it would be easy to follow him.

    As far as evolution goes.. Atheists think that creation is not scientific and can not be proven but how can you prove the Big Bang and evolution if it supposedly happened billions of years ago? It is faith. All people have faith in something whether they are Atheists or Christians. Atheists have to have faith because you cant just show me evolution. It happens over millions-billions of years. So you have to have faith that it happend because you can not witness it happening.

    I can't sit here on my chromebook telling you that you are a sinner and you need to repent because who would that help? I can't say that following God is easy and it will just instantly change your life. But I can say that is my 13 years of Loving Jesus I have not once regretted it.

  • I'm not saying it isn't possible but I doubt there is one.

    Religion is just a way for people to cope with life. When something goes wrong they are able to turn and say God has a plan or their loved ones are in heaven. God is Santa for adults. It would be foolish for me to say God is not real because their is no research to prove he isn't but their isn't any research to prove he is. I'm am agnostic. I believe their isn't a God but I believe that Their is a chance I'm wrong.

  • "God" is not a person,but a way to try and explain out world

    First of all,I would like to start by saying that I do not mean to offend anyone,as this is solely my opinion on the matter.
    Thiusands of years ago,people were most certainly just as curios about the world and its begining as we are nowadays.Unfortunately,they did not have the technology that we have,so they had to rely all of their explainations on the genesis on phylosophy and spirituality.So,they came up with the idea of a "God"-aka someone who is superior to a human being in every way possible-as it comes natural for us,humans,to belive that there is something,somewhere,more powerful and smarter than us,who could posses a knowledge so vast that we wouldn't even be able to comprehend Him.Later,there came some profhets who seemed to be extremely inteligent,more so than the rest of humanity.After their deaths,the church decided that they were good enoigh to go by the name of "saint"or even "the son of god".
    The Bible(or any other holy book)is a very well written story,but just a story.I mean,haven't you ever read a book that fascinated you so much,that it seemed almost real?(for me,it was Harry Potter-I'm still waiting for my Hogwarts admittance letter).
    Also,religion was used(and for some people it still does the trick)as a way of preventing people from wrongdoing(Moses's laws look a little bit like the Constitution now,don't they?).What I'm trying to say here is that if people feared that in case they'd still something ,or kill someone,they'd go to hell,it would be less of a chance for them to go through with it.Everyone wants to go to heaven(let's face it).This sistem also worked very well for the good stuff(like helping those in need,the poor etc).I remember when,once in my religion class,our teacher told us that for every good thing you do,a stone(or brick)will be added to your to be house in heaven.It sounds appealing, doesn't it?
    To conclude,I just want so say that to me,believing in "God"as a creator seems a bit foolish,but that the psylosophy behind some religions is pretty ok(e.G:selflesness)

  • God is Bad for Society

    Religion is inherently immoral because all god's deny the existence of other one's. This means it is completely arbitrary as to which god is the real one, so none must exist for there to be no contradiction in logic. Thus God does not exist. Plus religion is outdated; now that people have evolved to the pint where they agree to the social contract and pay taxes, religion is no longer needed to keep society in check.

  • As if god was perfect...

    Think about the state of the world. Wars, famine, death, overpopulation, etc. IS THIS WHAT GOD WANTS? Supposedly god is perfect. I doubt he is. If he is perfect, wouldn't he the power to save mankind and get rid of poverty and all that?

    Here's another convincing argument: God relies on faith and refuses to prove he exists. However, the existence of technology and wonderful science proves he exists and therefore he doesn't. QED
    From the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

  • Three questions in conflict

    "Religion or Not? Is god real? Is religion true?"

    You are relating religion to god. What is religion? What is god? Is religion truth?

    First, how does religion come into being? Is it though human thought? Does it come into being through conforming to one or a group? So I am lost. I've been born and I've progressed to a thinking human being. I've been conditioned by my social surroundings. I want to fit in. Religion makes me feel good and I want security. I want a reason for living. So I either accept the religion my parents have conformed to or I search and I search. If religion is created through human thought, does god have anything to do with religion? If god is universal do you think god chooses a path? Is truth a conditioned thought process? One man's or woman's truth is not another's truth.
    Therefore, when you arrive at a conclusion it cannot be truth (and i'm not writing about if the earth revolves around the sun.. That is a fact). Truth is a thing of change. So to arrive at truth you cannot be conditioned by another or a group for that truth is subjective upon the other. Truth is objective. It does not rely on the human mind. Yet the human mind relies on the illusion of truth.

  • No, god is not real.

    I do not believe in god. I am native american, and I believe that all things have a spirit, but there is no god. God did not create this planet! I can't say I have NO religion, but natives don't believe in a single god ruling us. We only respect the nature and animals, and dance the dances of nature. Got does not exist.

  • There is no god..

    One God does not exist. Those who believe in god believe that God is perfect. Let's refer to god as a person it's just easier. So he(god) is perfect and you nor I are. But for one to be perfect one cannot judge or be better than any other because it's morally incorrect. But then he would no longer be separated as different from you or I, so there is no God considering that everything is one. If you don't believe everything is one.. Try nn-dimethyltryptamine;)

  • Based on RedWhiteBlueBlooded post GOD cannot exist

    Using his/her logic. "You see everything around us? Do you think that just happened by chance, of course not, god is the creator".

    So I ask "Do you think GOD just happened by chance? Of course not, something had to create it. Who/What"? That question is infinite because, who created that creator, who created that creator, so on and so on. In the end, you will have to concede that the original creator GOD just happened by chance. If that is true, the everything you see around you could have to.

    Of Course, that may or may not be my personal belief - it is the logical conclusion to his/her argument.

  • There is no "God" and religion is bad.

    All throughout time various groups of people have come up with their own sense of how the universe was created and such, but all of them have one thing in common, that is that they have failed to provide concrete proof for their claims. They start at an assertion and fail to prove it. As for the religion itself i deem it to be dangerous. There is no denying that these "holy" books have SOME good teaching but just as the contrary they have horrible ones. Anyone can use these to back up their immoral or otherwise harmful stance. I see religion as an excuse to do horrendous acts like the crusades, the inquisition, 911, kkk, etc. As for god the default position is to believe that one doesn't exist until proven otherwise since you can't prove a negative.

  • Faith is belief without evidence.

    The requirement that an argument be presented to disprove something that isn't real is absurd. The absence of any support that god exists is a fact. Faith substitutes for reality. It's up to the folks that believe that something called god exists to prove their argument. The only thing religion has done throughout history is to employ mass murder and fear, in the absence of fact, to assert its authority.

  • No it is not real it is human nature to try and find hope in the idea that god has a plan for us

    Within Religion, Knowledge is passed around throughout a group within shared knowledge yet individuals create their own understanding that best suits them to create a personal knowledge. My supporting evidence is provided through the real life situation of the May 2015 doomsday prediction made by the eBible Fellowship, an online group that had based these predictions on “evidence from the bible”. It had spread these predictions across America resulting in hundred and thousands of preachers walking out onto the street and preaching the end times. But now that May has passed many believers have created their own understanding of why the apocalypse did not happen. The shared knowledge of how the world would end created a strong group of individuals that had shared the belief that the world would end. However once the date had passed people began to question the shared knowledge. We can see this in how on the blogs of eBible Fellowship, their members started to argue and provided personal reason as to why it did not happen. Many provided more religious “evidence” while others dropped their belief systems entirely. This supports the idea of how Ways of knowing operate different in shared and personal knowledge as it is clear that these Ways of knowing in Faith are not compatible. Do not believe anything until you have read all other religious text and just to let you know there are thousands of them, science has shown us how religion is wrong and the stories it has told is wrong. And just think your beliefs are created through your ancestors. If you didnt happen to be born in the christan family you would believe something completely differently. Your belief systems are not your own merely created through situational placement. And most religous text are written by one person or a group yet all bleivers believe in something different even if it is in the same religous system.

  • "Evidence" provided by religion is weak. While history of scientific factual evidence has been replacing the unknowns since forever.

    For example, we use to use god as an explanation for floods, earthquakes, thunder/lightning, why we look similar to our parents, etc..Etc..Etc.. Their "evidence" is always something that is not yet understood and explained.
    And now everyone even remotely educated including Christians know why a flood happens, or what lightning and thunder actualy is. Turns out it isn't god up in the clouds shooting down lightning bolts! When something is unknown god is plugged in to explain it.... That is until science comes in and truly explains it! Every time too! Wake the fuck up people your wasting your lives away believing nonsense!

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