• E-Book Readers Everywhere

    The Kindle Fire, Barnes and Noble's Nook and the iPad all have ways to read e-books on a small device. There are commercials all the time for these trendy tech devices that get lighter, faster, cheaper and more stylish. When e-books cost $9.99 for bestsellers as opposed to twice that in hardcover, the value of such readers becomes clear. Reading is a new style trend in that whoever has the newest reader, like the newest smartphone, will be the trendsetter.

  • Go reading!!! Yeah

    Children of today should be reading more books and not play video games n virtual things because the net is harmfull it has its cons n its pros n to be honest the negatives are more n i think that reading is a new trend and many people should try n follow this trend instead of the stupid trends the fasion world comes up with

  • Reading Isn't a New Trend

    Obviously, reading isn't a new trend by any means. Millions of people enjoy reading books and other media on a regular basis. There's nothing new about the "trend" of reading, and it's not going to disappear anytime soon. Reading will always be a hobby and shouldn't be considered as anything like a trend.

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