Real Housewives go to jail: Should reality TV star Teresa Giudice have received a harsher punishment for her federal fraud charges?

  • yes, of course

    But she is a celebrity, and they get lighter sentences and apparently no one thinks that they deserve to get the same punishment as everyone else. I think it's really crappy, but that is basically how it usually turns out. Hooray for America, and our awesome reality celebrities that really shouldn't be famous anyway....

  • Federal fraud hurts everyone, and she should be punished.

    It is simple, do not break the law. Laws are in place for a reason. Just because someone is higher up, or a TV star does not give them the right or a reason to break the law without consequences. If you commit the crime, you should be prepared to deal with the full penalties of the crime. No free rides for anyone.

  • no harsher punishment

    i disagree with her charges because she didn't know what she was signing or getting into from the research I just did she was confused but now that she knows she says she is going to hire a contract lawyer to start looking over hre paper work before she signs them so I feel that she does not need to have any harsher punishments for her crime because she didn't know she was doing a crime by signing her papers

  • Fifteen months in prison doesn't seem too light for a non-violent crime.

    Time spent in prison comes at public expense. Fifteen months should send a clear message. There's also the fact that imprisonment will make it much harder for her to pay restitution. With any luck, she'll be able to parlay her public notoriety into some means of paying her creditors, but being in prison for an extended period of time would make that much harder.

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