Real Housewives of Atlanta Husband In Jail: Do you believe celebrities receive special treatment in the court of law?

  • Yes, some celebrities receive special treatment

    Many celebrities receive special treatment in the court of law. You could argue that it is not fair to make such a generalized statement, however, there are more instances that can be accounted for where celebrities received special treatment than not. I believe if celebrities like Chris Brown & Lindsay Lohan faced harsher penalties, maybe their lives wouldnt be a wreck.

  • The courts go easy on those powerful enough to evade them.

    While the US court system in every right should be the impartial arbiter of the law in our great land, sadly this is not always the case. In reality, our citizens are often held to two standards of justice: one for you and I, and one for those more powerful. Preferential treatment of individuals such as celebrities has pervaded our court system. Supermodel Naomi Campbell, when convicted of assault, was sentence to a mere five days of community service (this is a felony charge which otherwise could result in convictions of 2-7 years) and Martha Stewart, upon her famed conviction, was specially incarcerated at a facility in West Virginia much nicer than the rest of our prison system. Despite this, Stewart had been lobbying hard for--and almost received--a transfer to a facility in either Connecticut or sunny Florida.

  • Yes, I believe they do.

    It has been proven through many different studies that celebrities and those with money fair much better in the court system than poorer minorities. They have the ability to afford better legal counsel and people also see them as less of a threat for some reason. This is a trend that needs to be changed.

  • Quite possibly th eopposite

    I would say that many judges go out of their way to treat celebrities with fair justice. They do not want to seem biased or lenient in any way. In their quest for equality, they may even perhaps go too far and punish certain individuals harsher than they need to.

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