Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid: Does soccer have poor-quality officiating?

  • It's not always what it seems.

    One game isn't all about soccer. And two or three wrong decisions won't spell trouble for a match official to consider himself faulty.

    Decisions are affected by a lot of things.
    (I am not denying that poor-quality officiating does not exist at all.)

    Consider the crowd, PL and Bundesliga crowds make huge roars that also pose a problem for any official to give his whole attention to the game.

    Then, there's those little gimmicks by players who stand obliged in their own right to defend their teammate.

    Third, it's at many times a case of insufficient sighting of an incident. Any booking or warning decision also depends on the attitude of the referee and the atmosphere around him. A smiling official can be turned into a damn angry man when he sees a team protesting at almost every decision he takes against them.

    Fourth, officials don't really like play-acting and falsely accusing opponents of unnecessary offences. Irritation, a sense of excessive competition and a heated match-up between players largely affects the decisions.

    In my opinion, it's better that officials in soccer matches get better support than being accused all the time of making irrelevant decisions.

  • The crowd can be problematic.

    In the Spanish League, as with many leagues in Europe, there can be a great deal of pressure on the referee not to make decisions against the home side. This is particularly the case in the big clubs with lots of supporters such as Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United. The result of this is that the larger teams have a distinct advantage over their lower-ranked competitors, often unfairly.

  • Yes, the officiating in soccer is very poor.

    Yes, soccer officiating is horrible no matter where it is. The officiating on every level of soccer is inconsistent. You see red cards for actions that could have been yellow cards and you see diving that officials ignore. Soccer has a problem with officiating and it needs to remedied somehow.

  • Poor-quality is in the eyes of the beholder.

    I don't personally watch sports, but from what I have heard, officiating is a difficult job. Not everything can be caught, and therefore I say that poor-quality is in the eyes of the beholder. This means, essentially, that if something isn't caught and it should've been, look at the circumstances before signing it off to poor-quality.

  • Soccer does not have poor quality officiating

    Soccer has good officiators. People often get upset when they do not agree with the operations of or decisions in soccer games. We cannot always get our way as fans and we have to have a moderate level of understanding. People who officiate at soccer games have a good amount of knowledge.

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