• Realities of racism

    Obama was elected solely on race.Competance never entered the thinking of those who voted for him.Christian view is never judge a man by skin color. But to know a man by the words he speaks.Every time Obama's lips move, a lie comes out.Race hustlers like Al Sharpton are true enemies of blacks in this country.The overwhelming murders of blacks are caused by other blacks like in Detroit, a liberal paradise.

  • America is an oligarchy

    This is just meant to make people think, I doubt seriously anyone smart enough to be here would deny it. I just want to get it out to as many ears as possible.

    Racism as I see it is a ruse hatched by rich people to stay rich; the race of the rich is immaterial they come in all colors, but only one personality. That is the all for me thing. Regular whites were indentured servant slaves, for over a hundred years before Blacks came here. 60% died in the fields and according to pbs they were subject to the same treatment as slaves and worse if you consider the fact they were supposed to be employees. When they started to out number the colonizers and ask for rights is where Blacks come in. If it was because all whites are the same they would not have come here like we in the ships and work until death in most cases. Consequently the state of America today is all the evidence one needs. Ga between rich and poor is ever expanding, despite the claims tech. Will solve these problems. Police are now infantry units with tanks, and heavy machine guns. Not to mention, the regular white people who mistakenly thought they were related to Columbus are killing themselves and other people in record numbers. This is because they were told white skin gives them everything and in actuality it makes it easier to take everything.

    Faces lie, Facts don't. Any brave soul, want to claim this is not the case?

  • No, I will not:

    I do not think I will. I have a feeling doing so will not help anyone so I won't. If I could find a way to make it beneficial to myself, others, or both parties I would gladly do it. Sadly I don't think I am capable of finding a way.

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