Reality entertainment programming: Does reality TV do more harm than good?

  • Reality TV gives a false view on how adults solve and create problems.

    Most of reality TV is scripted this time an age. It sometimes portrays a glamorous and high-strung lifestyle that most Americans either cant afford or do not have the time for. It's teaching teenagers bad morals for adulthood and changing their generation for the worst. Yes, it can be entertaining, but most are confusing mere entertainment with reality.

  • Yes. There is no reality in reality tv.

    It might be different if reality tv was really dealing with reality. But it is following around people who are for the most part not living real lives. They are posing. And the material is edited to the max so it isn't even in real time. I think it is mostly a waste of our time and gives our young people a false idea of what a well lived life is all about.

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