Reality entertainment programs: Are there any harms unique to reality TV shows?

  • Encouraging inappropriate behavior

    While a few reality television programs actually do what they claim to do -- that is, show a realistic slice of life within a society or under a particular set of circumstances -- most are highly scripted and over-edited to emphasize unrealistic behaviors for the purposes of getting the audience talking about the outrageous things that they saw on the show. The harms unique to reality shows are that the views broadcast on the show are not necessarily a realistic portrayal of human behaviors -- and that impressionable members of the audience will believe it to be realistic or try to even try to emulate negative behaviors.

  • No, reality show harms are now reflective of American problems.

    Although reality programs used to present particular problems that most Americans may not have had, modern times are keeping up with reality programs. Programs therefore reflect the same problems that Americans have, especially since social networking have made it so easy for most Americans to display their every thought to the world.

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