Reality entertainment programs: Do reality TV shows enhance stereotypes?

  • Yes, "reality" shows enhance stereotypes

    If you went by what Jersey Shore has taught you, everybody in New Jersey is shallow, orange and for all intents and purposes severely mentally handicapped. That's not the reality of the state, there are people in it that aren't worthless, there are some that are wonderful. Nobody cares about them though, they're not "entertaining" television. This is how reality shows enhance stereotypes, the only thing they show you are the most absurd (and in most cases completely deplorable) human beings available with nothing contrasting them to remind you that's not how everybody surrounding them is.

  • The Sad Truth

    I do personally believe that this is the unfortunate case. Reality tv has in fact become the leading industry in stereotypes to the point that people go into it expecting a stereotype of whomever the show is attempting to portray. This is due to the fact that the stereotypes are more marketable.

  • I dont think reality tv shows are sterotypes.

    People just want to live there lives how ever they want and should not have to worry about other people judging them.They are just having fun with there lives unlike other people.People are rude and ingrent just let them do what ever they want . Stop judging people hoe they live.

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