Reality entertainment programs: Do reality TV shows present a threat?

  • Creating a dumber america.

    Reality TV is teaching our young how to live horrible lives. Shows like "Teen Mom" and "Jersey Shore" are creating horrible people to look up to. It is saying to our kids that teen pregnancy is okay and that as long as you are rich, you can act like a complete idiot.

  • Reality shows are a threat

    Reality shows are a threat to our nation's well being. They promote people without any significant talent or accomplishments to our youth. They cause those that watch to aspire to be like them, when the people in the programs often are not actually "reality" and are not usually good role models. Reality shows also tend to celebrate ignorance, which is absolutely a threat.

  • They are not a threat

    Reality tv can inspire people to do cool things when they're older because you might just lie around the house all day and then you see a reality tv show and you think wow I didn't even know there are places on earth like this I want to go there one day

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