Reality TV Stars: Is life more dangerous once the cameras stop filming?

  • The 'Dark Truth'behind the screen

    I believe there is more to the famous life of a Celebrity/Actor when the cameras stopped filming and become a hard,frustrating,tough life these people have in common.For example,Paparazzi.The annoyance of this act can ruin peoples life but not only it but there self-esteem.If they get bugged everyday.THAT can have an affect on them.

  • Reality TV stars can have a hard time adjusting

    Reality TV stars can have a hard time adjusting to the real world after their shows are over. Sometimes other TV shows do not want to hire them and they embarrassed themselves a lot on the reality show they were previously on. People should think very hard before they join reality TV.

  • Their lives are dangerous because they're stupid. Not because of the show.

    Having known a few reality television "stars" I can tell you this: These are people who made poor life choices before, during, and after filming. Life isn't any more dangerous for them once the cameras stop filming. They're idiots. They do stupid things (like parade their trashyness on network television). That makes their life dangerous to begin with.

  • For the ratings

    I don't believe that life is more dangerous for Reality TV stars after the cameras stop filming. In fact, I think their lives are a lot less interesting that what we are shown on TV. Social media allows us to look into the lives of these reality stars to see what they're really about. And even with that, it's still a matter of them showing what they want you to see. A lot of stars lead normal lives and only act out for the camera. Most Reality shows are now being scripted to encourage more viewers to watch and also to entertain.

  • I feel reality TV stars probably take more risks on TV for better ranks. Off camera they probably live a more mundane, average life.

    When a star of reality TV is on camera, they are going to take risks and act out in ways I don't feel they would in their personal lives. They are trying to win fans and rankings with various stunts and dangerous behaviour. When there is no camera rolling, there is no need for them to take those risks, as they will not have the benifit of it adding to their fame.

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