Reason why terminally ill people want to end their lives?

Asked by: danidandan
  • They are able to die on their own terms in peace

    You said it yourself "terminally ill"...They CAN'T seek help! Theres no help to be sought, so they should be given the choice-when in great pain with no chance of recovery, whether to be allowed/aided to die on their own terms or taken care of until nature follows its course...Its better to have the choice and to be allowed to die in peace

  • They are in pain and not thinking straight.

    The title says it all, but a little fleshing out is in order. Assume you're a regular Joe who comes down with something horrible. You want it to stop, right? Some people do some crazy stuff in an attempt to get away, right? It's the same principle here, but with far more permanent consequences for those making the attempt. Seek help, guys.

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