• Not one sided feminism

    I do think modern feminism is good. Women have made progress recently, But we still have a ways to go. However, If your version of feminism is men-hating, Or doesn't include femme/transgender women, Or only includes women of a certain race, Then you don't have real feminism. You cannot have feminism without including all people.

  • Misandry isn't feminism

    What nowadays is most often considered feminism in the mass media is not feminism at all. The real contemporary feminists strive for equality in an intersectional way - they in no way want to "end all men". It's an unfortunate case of the loud minority, When in reality feminism is an extremely important cause for every single person on this planet.

  • I think that rise of feminism is substantial

    The rise of feminism is key as not only does it support the female gender but the society around us. Feminism provides equality towards women who are exploited my men and supports their experience, It provides a less patriotic behaviour in society. This is increasing as the memebers of feminist supporters demand higher value for their work.

  • Encourages Men to become Lazy.

    Throughout history great man have existed that have done without feminism. Woman can of course be a man's equal but feminism is clearly not the way to go about getting the goals of equality. It goes against most accepted society cultures. It also has a severe lacking of logical backing.

  • Equality gone wrong

    They say they support equal rights for women but they don't stand against Islam and don't shout to protect Muslim women living on the West and Middle East, But they embrace it. They don't complain about judicial system which gives a lot more power to women than men. Even if a woman cheats on her husband and wants a divorce afterwards, The chances of her keeping the children is 8 to 1 in her favour etc.

  • Only if it is for equality. . . Not superoricity

    I agree Women should be treated equal to Men and i support that, But there seems an associasiton between feminisim and women "taking over" or tying to become superior. To give you examples, If a girl takes on a boy's interests, That is seen as "cool". . . But if a boy takes on girl's interests then its seen as "werid" or "disturbing" or (amongst some social workers "a safeguarding issue". . . . . ). . . . . .

  • Feminism Isn't Concerned About Women in the Middle East

    Feminists in the USA don't care about the horrendous things done to women in the Middle East. They just act like children, Screaming that their male coworker complimented them and that that is a form of rape. It is not longer about equality, But instead of superiority. Equality has been achieved. Women can vote, Women don't have to be housewives, And women can do the same jobs as men. Almost seems like they want to pick and choose what they want to be equal in.

  • I support equality, Feminism doesn't.

    I could give long answers to so many topics but I'm going to sum it up in four words. EQUALITY HAS BEEN REACHED! Or in other words, Your just complaining about something that doesn't exist! The only big form on inequality is in our judicial system. Favoring Women drastically. Women if anything are at an advantage over men.

  • Second-wave? Yes! Third-wave? No.

    First-wave feminism was created to get women Constitutional rights. Second-wave feminism was made to get women into the workforce and to give them more rights. Modern feminism is generally harmful to everyone because its goals are built off of lies, Deception and hatred of men. Third-wave feminism creates a culture in which it is okay to shame men for being men, Where it is okay to eat yourself to death, Where it's okay to murder your own children. Third-wave feminism creates mistrust between the sexes and formulates unhealthy stereotypes about both sexes. I'm not against gender equality, But I'm not okay with female supremacy.

  • Listen here liberals!

    Listen here liberal snowflakes, With my sword made of pure facts and my armour made from pure harvard law school information, I will smite you down with my mitt romney approved toaster oven. Feminism is a plague on modern society and the only thing we need right now is mitt romney in the white house. It will cure my dementia please i am so frail i can barely walk help me my dead cat screams for its mother every night in the deep dark depths of hell. Vote mitt romney 2020 or suffer.

  • It creates inequality.

    Don't get me wrong, I am all for equality under the law and in the workplace. Problem with feminism is that this has already been achieved. By law, You can not be treated differently in the workplace because of your physical gender.
    I am not saying that women always get paid the same but this is likely due to other reasons. I am all for equal pay for equal work but that includes equal work for equal pay. When I worked on an assembly line, They paid on a piece basis. If you made 9 hrs worth of units in 8 hrs, You got an extra hours pay. Women tend to have more nimble fingers so they tended to earn more than the men. Is that sexist? No because it's based on performance. Part of my job now is hauling heavy pallets of freight around the building. I can pull the pallet by myself but many of the women need another woman to help by pushing. This means it take twice as many women to do the same job. Do they deserve the same amount of pay? Tho they may be putting forth the same amount of effort, They are not producing the same amount of work so no. Does anyone complain? Of course not as they would likely be called sexist for pointing it out. Same thing for other jobs. Many of these women who are not receiving the same amount of pay may not be producing the same amount of work. I am not saying that there are no cases of sexism (inequality) in some work places as I am sure it does still happen. Thing is, Odds are the reason why a woman may get paid less or denied a promotion/job are for other reason. Any employer would know that sexual discrimination is illegal and can likely lead to legal action that would cost them even more than the imbalanced pay. The risk is not worth the reward for them. If you feel you have been treated unfairly, By all means, Seek restitution but be sure that is the case. If your wrong and you were denied for other reasons, You will be out attorney fees as well as make your cause look bad. It may even cause you to loose the job you had if it created a hostile workplace.

    The feminist movement was created to give women equal rights under the law so that women can not be discriminated against. This has been a complete success as that is exactly what women have so why would feminism still be needed after things are equal? To make things more equal? (animal farm) Clearly, That would be creating inequality not stopping it.

  • It used to be about equality now its about hen pecking men

    Feminism used to be about equal eights, And I am fine with that, Not everyone is still, But I am. But now feminism is about dominating and emasculating men and turning them into submissive eunichs, No no girls enough of that, I can deal with Camille paglia but this modern stuff, Its got do go, By the way could you go to the fridge and get me another beer? Thanks sweety

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