• Can't get much worse

    ISIS is a group with a very limited ability to grow and spread as it stands, and they'll eventually die out if we just leave them alone. They're like a fire, and fire needs oxygen to burn. It's unfortunate how much terror they're causing, and will cause, but if we do what we've been doing the situation will eventually improve to the point that we can make a difference without intervention.

  • No, I`m not so sure about it.

    The rebellion, which started as a revolt against the four-decade rule of the Assad family, spawned by popular uprisings across the Arab world, has waned elsewhere in Syria, leading to increasing calls for a managed political settlement.

    Civilians were being steadily bussed to regime-held west Aleppo on Wednesday, with hundreds more displaced by fighting that has already driven thousands out of their homes in recent weeks. More than 30,000 people are reported to have crossed the frontline that has separated both sides, with more than 500 military-aged men taken by Syrian troops from conquered neighbourhoods, or at checkpoints. Unicef estimated that 51% of the recent refugees were children

  • It is chaos.

    The situation in Syria will not improve until they have stronger infrastructure in the area. The rebels only withdrew from the region because they ran out of power to stay there. There is nothing closer to being law and order in the region. Syria needs to set up a stronger government and military before things will improve.

  • The Syria situations remains tragic and deadly

    There are many different factions at war in Syria. Just because a small number has withdrawn from one city that has been the focus of intense fighting and military strikes by the government, it is not a sign that things are improving. These fighting groups are just taking the course that they believe will ensure they are able to regroup to fight elsewhere.

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