Rebuilding New Orleans: Is New Orleans located well (yes) or was it a mistake (no)?

  • Geograhpical location of some can't be changed.

    I would have to say that New Orleans is located well in Louisiana. Its Identity comes from its location such as French architecture. The only thing taking away from the city is the hurricanes because of its location, but there are many cities out there that face that problem hurricane and tsunami.

  • People living in soup bowls below sea-level should be advised

    New Orleans is a town that resides below sea-level, right next to the Gulf of Mexico, and the mouth of the largest river in the country, the Mississippi. It is basically a soup bowl, next to a bunch of liquid. It's location is of great importance as a sea port, but it's basic design is unsustainable. It feel the same way about New Orleans as I do Daytona Beach, a sandbar surrounded by the ocean. Both places, are beautiful to visit, but don't say you weren't advised when your home is literally underwater, and not just the mortgage!

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