Rebuilding New Orleans: Should New Orleans be fully rebuilt and restored?

  • New Orleans should be fully rebuilt.

    Yes, New Orleans should be fully rebuilt because there is no point in not rebuilding it. Obviously, if there is still people living there, then they need to rebuild New Orleans. I assume that there still is people living there, so they should definitely rebuild New Orleans, without a doubt.

  • New Orleans has had WAY to many hurricanes hit it

    If we start rebuilding the levees and a hurricane hits before they can make it strong enough to withstand it. With every hurricane that hits it takes the land with it. New Orleans is going to disappear into the Gulf of Mexico because of all of the hurricanes. Global warming could also play a role in the fall of New Orleans

  • It is just a matter of time before New Orleans floods again.

    People who rebuild their homes in New Orleans are just
    gluttons for punishment. How many times
    does your house have to be destroyed before you figure out that this is a
    pattern, and it will always eventually happen again. If the government wants to help these people,
    it should give them money to help them relocate to a city that is above sea
    level, far from the shoreline, and not in the path of hurricanes.

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