Recall elections: Are recall elections a reasonable power for voters?

  • Support recall elections

    If people don't like their government, or if people don't like their political leaders, in large numbers they have no obligation to keep that government or leader in power, and have the right to remove them from office. The temporary dislike or unpopularity of a political leader might mean that politicians are recalled frequently, but thats the risk that must be taken.

  • Warranties should be enforced on politicians too.

    If you receive a bad good from a store, you rightly can take it back, get a refund, and choose or receive a different item. The same principle should apply to politicians. Politicians are inveterate liars and manipulators and it is crazy to assume that we should place all sorts of scrutiny on them during the campaign, but once they are actually elected and have real power, they are immune from scrutiny. In fact, there should likely be laws in place which penalize politicians who go back on their campaign promises.

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