Recent poll of Americans: Is Donald Trump incapable of dealing with an international Crisis?

  • It's a long shot

    Although Mr. Trump has very limited knowledge of politics, he has been a businessman for his whole life and has dealt with international figures and representatives before. But the fact that his past is in business and personal interests can raise problems and concerns. Mr. Trump, in order to be successful like we hoped he would be, needs to not focus on problems relating to just Donald Trump but of the greater interest of the American people. Especially when dealing in foreign affairs. I for one believe that he needs to learn when to speak and when not to and to realize that he is dealing with other world leaders. Not just other men on his payroll. It's going to take experience and some seasoning, but I believe President-Elect trump will prosper at his job as president.

  • Yes, Donald Trump is incapable of dealing with an international crisis.

    Donald Trump is a business man who has business dealings all over the world. By most accounts, he is very successful at what he does. But, he is not used to dealing with people in charge of the countries where he does business, only with the people involved in the companies themselves. Handling an international crisis requires the ability to deal with foreign leaders about foreign policy, of which Donald Trump has no experience. Without expert advice, Donald Trump is incapable of dealing with an international crisis on his own.

  • He cannot handle even small issues

    Trump loses his cool and unleashed the small child within at some of the littlest things. How will he ever deal with foreign leaders and opposed governments? He cannot handle the job he has so ignorantly been given. He is just going to make a huge mess of things. I pray like hell that the other governments of this world just leave us alone for the next four years.

  • No, Donald Trump has not been in political office before in his life, so we should not assume what he can and can not do.

    Donald Trump has not had any political experience in his life. He has not had to deal with an international crisis before in his life either. This means he would not be particularly suited to deal with a crisis, as he has no experience, but it is not fair to say he is incapable of doing so without having any evidence to back this claim up. However, he has shown that he has thin skin and is not great at debating other politicians, so it is a fair guess that he would have trouble communicating and being diplomatic with other leaders.

  • Mr. Trump is not incapable of dealing with an international crisis

    Soon after Mr. Trump becomes President Trump there will be some international crisis. He will be tested, but he will, like many before likely pass the test. He is surrounding himself with a number of competent leaders and the bulk of the Executive Branch will remain intact after his inauguration. So, although some things will change, much will remain the same.

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