Recently it was reveled that your battery status could track you online. Is privacy a thing of the past?

  • Yes, privacy will continue to erode as technology advances.

    Yes, technological sophistication will open the door to intrusive behavior from corporations, government agencies and hackers. Profits from data mining and targeted advertising provides corporations incentive to create ever-increasing intrusive technology. Government agents use anti-terrorism laws to demand backdoors to be created. Then hackers find and exploit the backdoors. Between these three groups, there is no citizen who can be certain of anything staying private short of going completely off the grid.

  • Yes, privacy is a thing of the past.

    Most agree that privacy is a thing of the past. Every cell phone is capable of being tracked, as well as all of the popular GPS devices that many consumers use. Also, most internet browsing can be tracked as well. Therefore, no one really has privacy anymore. If a business or government agency wants to find out what someone is doing, there are many ways to track that person.

  • Privacy is becoming endangered

    Privacy is becoming endangered. There are all sorts of technologies that hinder people's privacy. There are cell phones that track your movements, and even your battery status can provide your location. People have easy access to cameras and quickly snap pictures, whether or not the person wants it or not.

  • Privacy is fading.

    I do think that privacy is a thing of the past, especially when it is anything related to your cell phone or the Internet. We all need to take precautions and be wise about what information we share, but we also need to realize that there might not be anymore true privacy. It's the negative corollary to advanced technology.

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