• God is great

    I can't believe how many atheists there are in this day and age. Especially since I have heard about multiple scientific proofs that there is a God. I don't know all the details, But I have also heard that quantum physics has proven the existence of Heaven. Besides, Without God, How would you explain Jesus? His existence has been proven by historians time and again.

  • Yes Yes Yes!

    God created the great, Beautiful and expansive universe for a reason. It truly shows the great glory of God. The vast and beautiful universe is designed with purpose as God has shown in the Bible. First, The universe is beautiful because it is God’s canvas and great artwork masterpiece. Psalms 19:1 states-” The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. ” It is clear that one of the purposes of the Universe was to show God’s majesty. Nebula’s for example are beautiful clusters of star dust that come together like an art piece that show God’s glory. He made the universe mind boggling large for us to explore and learn about it. Everything from the tiniest moon to the biggest galaxy shows God;s work and his people appreciate it, Take Psalms 8:3-4 which states-” When I look at your heavens, The work of your fingers, The moon and the stars, Which you have set in place, What is man that you are
    mindful of him, And the son of man that you care for him? ” Clearly The Bible hints to God’s Glory being recognized.

  • God is Stupid

    God is really stupid because he is stupid and stuff. God is really stupid because he is stupid and stuff. God is really stupid because he is stupid and stuff. God is really stupid because he is stupid and stuff. God is really stupid because he is stupid and stuff.

  • Prove their existence.

    Arthur C. Clarke once said "Magic is just science we don’t understand yet. " I am not saying I believe various theories (evolution/big bang) as fact but they at least have evidence and seem fairly logical. Thing is, Religions provide absolutely zero evidence. Closest thing they have is scripture that in many ways contradict what we have proven as fact and contradicts basic common sense.
    Before I "recognize" any in any way, First I have to know it actually exists. People use to recognize the sun as a god and praise his glory but actually gave praise to a huge mass of gas. You can be pleased with the light the sun shines each day but the sun is not a being that has any use of praise or recolonization.

  • There is no SCIENTIFIC evidence

    Okay so, Im talking about scientific evidence here, Not just some 'oh look at the bible' and all that stuff. Why do people know that certain organisms or diseases exist? Because its scientifically proven. Look, I don't care if you believe or not but man, Respect our beliefs don't force people into believing what yyou believe. Not everyone believes in god. Imagine if an atheist forces you to stop believing. How would you feel?

  • God is stupid

    Really stupid really dumb I hate god, He didnt do anything for me when I was dying of ketamine addiction smh like really god you need to help out more. Also god hates gays and im a gay so I hate god simple as that easy dude. If god ever existed we killed him

  • Nah id rather be an fancier ape than the play thing of an immortal 4 year old

    If there is a god id like to think he's more complex than our current depictions make him out to be

    the god from the bible is petty and cruel like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum every time he doesn't get his way occasionally contradicting his own rules to do so

    I'm curious about the universe and gods word hasn't answered my questions so I choose to look elsewhere for an answer that does

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