Red Pill Or Blue Pill (Yes for red, No for blue)?

Asked by: Colinmcgrady
  • Red pill means change

    When you fill that there is something wrong with the world (just like now), but you are stuck if your usual comfort zone, you are waiting for a sign to start acting. Red pill is the sign. The sign to change something good for the world, to actually do something meaningful

  • Red Pill Leads to Awesome Kung Fu Fighting!

    Kung fu fighting a sharply dressed army of Hugo Weaving clones? Hell yes! Please and thank you!

    There is nothing more to say but I will add a bunch of words together in a really long sentence that will allow me to hit the submit button since, according to what I can perceive as the rules from watching the corner of the grey box surrounding the text box in which I am writing this, which clearly states that I need at least thirty-three more words to be able to click on the button, it appears that more words need to be written in this box.

  • I choose red.

    Actually, if you take the red pill, you could end up in Zion where nobody is trying to kill you. If you take the blue pill, you could still be killed while in the matrix. The only way you would be put in danger after taking the red pill is if you fight against agents while in the matrix. There are other benefits to taking the red pill. You can bend the rules of nature that can allow you to do things others can not. You can also learn something with a quick download instead of spending years training. Anything you want to have can be yours with a simple download. Perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect body, perfect clothing, and awesome weapons at the blink of an eye. You could even make your own virtual world to live in.
    The red pill also offers a choice as well as knowledge. You can live in either world and you know that the matrix world is not actually real. If you take the blue pill, your left with just your delusion that the matrix is the real world.

  • I guess blue...

    I would take neither. I would not trust a guy who creepily is offering me pills. I wouldn't take either of the pills. Why would I believe him? Take a pill. Leave or come. I wouldn't take either. If I had to choose, I would take blue because I wouldn't believe that I'd go into another world. I would just think that I might get poisoned.

  • Go for blue

    I apologize for any diehard matrix fans out there, but I have to go with the blue pill. First off, in the real world, as we saw with Neo, there are a lot of situations to get yourself killed in. Plus there's a lot of things that hurt you. Second, what's wrong with the matrix? Ever thought about it? I mean it's not like Agent smith or any other agents are after any one else besides Neo, Trinity, or Morpheus. So what's wrong with the blue pill?

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