Red Wings player suspended for hit during game: Should hockey be more regulated to keep players from constantly fighting during play?

  • More regulations please!

    Hockey needs more regulations to prevent fights and injuries during practices and games. If they do not do this, then all we will have is escalating problems and less actual game moves going on. I am tired of seeing toothless players. I have been to live hockey games and injuries ruin it for me, although some people in the audience get excited by such occurances.

  • No, people watch hockey because of the action.

    No, hockey is known for and enjoyed because of all the action during the game. The fighting and physical contact are what makes the game interesting to watch. If hockey games were more regulated, I believe they would have fewer fans in attendance and the league would take a financial loss.

  • Hockey shouldn't be more heavily regulated.

    There's an old joke that says, "I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out." There's a reason for this type of humor where hockey is concerned. Hockey has always been a rough and tumble, fists and pucks kind of game. People like it that way and apparently so do the players. If the fighting in hockey is curbed, spectator interest will wane.

  • Hockey does not need to be more regulated.

    I was under the assumption that the reason a lot of people like hockey is because they like the drama and fights in hockey. Fighting in hockey has been common for a long time, why now try to regulate it? I believe players who pursue a hockey career know full well what they are getting into.

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