Redskins lose their trademark: Should they rename themselves the Washington Obama's?

  • At this point, you might as well

    Just to clarify, I am 100% NOT in favor of the Redskins changing their name and I do not oppose the use of their name and/or logo. This whole argument over whether or not the name Redskins is racist has gotten ridiculous. The name was NEVER controversial to begin with and never should be.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Obama Has Nothing To Do With This

    Really? I thought this site was better than this. Obama was not involved in any way with the Redskins and their trademark. Enough people thought that the Redskins' trademark was offensive towards Native Americans, so it was changed. The same may happen with the Cleveland Indians' trademark, for the same reason.

  • Toll posts are annoying and serve no purpose

    Why this is on the front page is beyond me.

    I thought this was a site where people valued discourse and debate. But it seems to be more populated by angry zealots and political hacks with no frame of reference.

    Then there are the trolls, like the OP, who are here entirely for their own internalized self-gratification system.

    They get rewarded with attention for saying the most egregious things. Because they think it's funny.

    And as they giggle, the world continues to burn. Such childish lack of foresight exemplifies the political discourse in America.

  • What? Absolutely not.

    I completely support the Redskins losing their trademark -- it's a disgusting and bigoted term -- but why on earth would they rename themselves the Obamas? That's the silliest and honestly one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. This situation has nothing to do with Obama. It has to do with people finally refusing to support a horrible name.

  • Washington Obama's? Wow!

    Stupidest name I've ever heard in my twenty seven years of life. They should be named another Indian name if they are going to replace the redskins. Redskins the name it self does sound some what rasict but renaming it to Washington Obama's will just make republicans hate watching NFL.

  • No They Shouldn't

    The suggestion is laughable but I will assume that was the intent. It's a shame that it took so long for our government to address this issue and it's even more saddening that some people don't think it was necessary. At least it's handled now and they can move on to find a more suitable, less problematic name.

  • No. It would be disrespectul.

    Whether or not the Redskins lose their trademark, they should under no circumstances rename themselves the Washington Obama's. Arguably, it is inappropriate to name a sports team after the President due to the fact that the Office of the President should hold a certain level of dignity and respect. Naming a sports team after the President trivializes both the President and the Office of the President and is disrespectful. Furthermore, naming a sports team after any individual (or family, depending on how you interpret Obama's) defies the usual, sensible conventions for naming sports teams. Typically, sports teams are represented by animals and their mascots are people in comically proportioned costumes of those animals. Quite apart from a comically proportioned costume of the President being disrespectful, a man in a suit also makes for a very uninteresting mascot in the long run--especially for children who may not be as familiar with Obama as the current generation. The inability to have a mascot takes away something of value from the fan experience.

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chiksika says2014-06-19T20:51:04.263
Halbritter and Pata do not speak for all tribes or for all Native Americans. They are white man's goats just like those who betrayed their so-called brothers. Tell the great black father we will agree with these traitors only after the killers at wounded knee are strpped of their medals.
In the meantime with all of this squabbling the great black father and his D.C. Legions are behind in their payments to the Oklahomas and Navajo. These socalled Natives in D.C. Are in legion with those who want every vestige of Native America stamped out. It won't happen.