Redskins need to be kicked off reservations and genocided

Asked by: Dr.Franklin
  • Yes they do!

    Native Americans have no use. They go wo wo wo wo over their mouth and worship the trees. What about Nathan Phillips who harassed a 16 year old. They used to eat each-other, They live off the government and do nothing but give us casinos. Worthless pieces of shit like Hariskish who is also a jew and a big nosed redskin loser.

  • Native Americans should not be kicked off of reservations and should not be genocided

    Native Americans are the people of the land, And they were there far earlier than any European, Asian or African-American, So they should not be kicked off of their reservations and they should definitely NOT be genocided. Genocide is an awful thing, And no race deserves it. We should not create mass murderers. We should create peace.

  • Genocide is murder

    Throughout history human killed human. Remember Cain an Abel? Genocide is just the mass murder of a race or group of people. It happened in WWI with the Armenians, WWII with the Jewish people, And continues to be apart of many evil things. If you are for and support genocide you support the death of millions.

  • Hey there Mr. Bark

    I'm going to be straight with you pal, Should mexico invade and kill us? Because all we do is go eat eat eat make shitty clothes and live off the cheap labor of mexico, And we're even on ex-Mexican land. But that's stupid right? Well now you know why every one looks at you like an idiot.

  • What even is this question

    Uh what the heck. . . I can't tell if this question is some kind of badly thought out joke but uh dude wtf. Now because i don't want to warrent this with actually well thought out responses my last few words with be the word idiot, Idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot

  • Native Americans are loyal citizens

    The goverment gave them reservations showing at least some respect. Moreover, They are not useless. They are as good as any american and better sometime. For proof that they are loyal, Why not look into the Navajo Code talkers, They served the same coiuntry wich kicked them of thier lands.

  • Native American people are better than you ever will be

    You do understand that this is an entire PEOPLE we are talking about? The only reason reservations exist is because colonists STOLE their land and MURDERED THOUSANDS and the only compensation Native Americans got was a fraction of their land.

    People do not exist to serve your express purposes. Who are you to judge the worth of a person? One day, You will be faced by whatever saw fit to let you exist in this universe and you will have to justify the space that you filled. I guarantee you, You will be at a complete loss for words.

  • I hope this is just a very bad joke.

    People who think this way are not so far from thinking like Nazis. You want to commit genocide on a group of people because of your blind hatred for them. I really don't have much else to say so I'm only continuing this sentence just to have the required amount of words.

  • More like they need to take back their land

    I doubt your are a real doctor most likely a fraud doctor and if you are actually certified you need your license taken away. You just spouted a bunch of lies from your mouths.
    The government stole their land and forced them on harsh land reservations. Read the trail of tears that is if you can even read an actual book. The casinos are the invention of the white man and an excuse they use. They would rather hunt and live off the land independent like actual Indians but people like you have to interfere like the big government you are.
    Then they try and protest and some homo catholic boys go wo wo wo wo. That maga boy is no brave but a coward.
    They would beat you in hand to hand combat and are better marksman than you. But they are peaceful and they carry no weapon while you roll in a tank like the insecure white man you are.
    I will see the day when the creator judges you for your sins and your ancestors for his sins.

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