Reforestation as a solution to global warming: Can reforestation help cut atmospheric C02 levels?

  • Reforestation can help

    While it is by no means a solution, reforestation should indeed be apart of any serious strategy to combat global warming. Though this plan runs afoul of many powerful interest around the world, especially in Brazil and the United States. Nevertheless we need to seriously consider this and start implementing it on a wide-scale now.

  • Yes, reforestation can help cut atmospheric C02 levels

    Reforestation can help cut C02 levels tremendously, but only in the long run. Replanting trees enough to combat the levels of global warming and C02 levels would require multiple decades if not centuries to yield any positive effect. By the time trees that were replanted grow to a size where it can remove the C02 levels of when they were planted, it might already be too late. Currently we would need to limit deforestation and start reforestation at the same time in order to be able to cut atmospheric C02 levels.

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