Reforestation as a solution to global warming: Should reforestation be a central strategy in combating climate change?

  • Yes, it is a positive thing.

    Yes, reforestation should be a good solution to combating climate change and global warming, because reforestation is not something that is objectionable. Even people who don't agree that global warming is a big problem an agree that there are positive aspects to reforestation. This is a way to reach a consensus and make a positive improvement.

  • No, reforestation should not be the main focus in combating global warming.

    No, reforestation shouldn't be a central strategy in combating climate change. It takes time to plant a tree. There are many other ways in order to battle the global warming. Reforestation should be in the restoring process. It is not suitable for combating in this case. In my opinion, increase the awareness of people would be more beneficial for fighting the climate change

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