Reform law to prevent Wall Street collapse: Will the rest of the rules ever be in place?

  • Yes, we need rules and regulations

    Rules and laws in place to prevent collapse will save money that circulates within the United States. If Wall Street collapsed, our economy would plunge. I agree with reforming the laws to prevent this, as long as those laws are truly helpful and keep our income and resources circulating here in the U.S.

  • No, reform law will not

    I don't think that anything can ever 100 percent prevent a Wall Street collapse. I feel that Wallstreet is so unpredictable and that you can try your best, but never actually know how the market will react. I think the rest of the rules will take a very long time if ever to get in place.

  • Unfinished Business at Wall Street

    I do not think the rest of the rules will be set into place for a while. Considering they have been left up to the regulators for implementation; I foresee them taking their time. Congress did not set a dead line for the reform process, but hopefully the plan works and quickly.

  • No, I don't think they will.

    If the analysts feel that the implementation of the rules will cause the stock market to collapse once again, than I don't think they will put them in place. I think we are headed for another bubble in the market, but I don't believe any rules will stop it. Brokers and companies will find a way around the rules if so inclined.

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