Refugee from Uganda shot by police: Does language barrier play a part in police shootings?

  • Police shootings motivated by cultural differences

    Police violence is a major problem throughout the world, particularly in the United States. A major factor in this violence are the cultural differences between the police and the people they protect. Language barriers are a part of this: if the police can't understand who they're accusing of a crime, then they can't listen to a possible defense.

  • Yes, the language is a barrier for many people

    Yes, sometimes the police is scared when it comes to people from other countries who don't speak English. Somehow, the police assumes them to be terrorists. It is common belief that terrorists hate English language and fail to learn it, so when a policeman meets a person who doesn't know English, he automatically believes him to be a terrorist. Sad, but true.

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  • Actions speak louder than words...

    While it does make it somewhat difficult to get to the bottom of things with a communication barrier, the major issue in police shootings are the actions of people, not what they are saying. If you have officers yelling at you to put your hands up, even pointing guns or tasers at you, you don't have to know their language to know you should be on your best behavior, with your hands up and holding nothing in your hands. This is universal. Respect the police, especially when you can tell they are serious and pointing a weapon at you, and it will be sorted out once everyone is safe and comfortable.

  • No, language barrier does not play a part in police shootings.

    No, language barrier does not play a part in police shootings because an officer is trained to accept those from all countries. A police officer should identify that the person does not speak English and act accordingly. It is not a crime to speak a different language; therefore, something else must have occurred.

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