Regarding the recent report on Jian Feng suing his wife for 'breeding' ugly children, do you believe it was right for Jian to win the case?

  • It is a deception.

    It is like if you are buying a new car, but you don't know that car was crashed and fixed and painted again. Would you go back to seller and called him a fraud? If she didn't showed him earlier pictures before operation, he has right to leave her and to know why children are so ugly. And they really are :)

  • You can't blame your wife for ugliness

    No guy has the right to do that. It's prob his fault their ugly. Guys can't go blaming their wives for everything. Its absurd and uncalled for. Honestly there's no place in this world for them. It's a shame they are in this world. Why don't u treat ur wife with respect for a change huh? Maybe she won't hate you!

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