Regardless of your side, can a person who disagrees with you on gay marriage still be a "good person"?

Asked by: jwbrowdy
  • Of course, they can.

    I completely agree with gay marriage. I do believe it is wrong not to believe in gay marriage, but I also accept that that is my opinion. I know that I mainly believe this because this is how I have been raised to think. I view homosexuality as completely normal and acceptable. However, for others they have been raised to believe that gay marriage and homosexuality are wrong. Although, I believe this is wrong, this does not make them a bad person. It is partly due to what we have been told to believe and what is deemed socially acceptable, and we cannot label these people as 'bad people' because we have all been influenced differently and told to believe different things.

  • I suppose even if you are homophobic you can still do "good" things, but that doesn't completely erase the fact that you are awful...

    To homosexuals.
    It really depends on how you define "good". Some bigots are convinced that their oppressive opinions are "good" because of religious affiliations. Some people who don't have a deity might think otherwise. It really depends who is the judge of "good" character.
    I think treating people equally is essentially "good". Even though I'm not religious, other religions follow this "Golden Rule" (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism...), so I think this measure of ethics is quite universal. So I don't think it is ethical for religious groups to persecute gays because of their perceived "sin". In Christianity, nothing is mentioned about gays in the New Testament, they are basing their hate of gays in the OLD Testament. The same Testament that says it is a sin to get tattoos, get a divorce, or mix different fabrics. I don't see ANY Christians dishing out so much hate for these sins. If they were really trying to preserve the "sanctity" of marriage, why not even acknowledge of the epidemic of divorce...Within the Christian community?
    My point is that bigots cherry pick sins from the bible and use it as an excuse to act horrendously homophobic. That is not "good" in my books.
    HOWEVER, people can change their opinion. And I think that if you were once very intolerant of gays because of your religion, you still have the chance to grow and change.

    AND homophobes who are unwilling to change are capable of doing good deeds, and otherwise being a "good person", BUT lets acknowledge the fact that "good" and "bad" people are not so black and white. There isn't really a profile for a good or bad person.
    For example, a person can donate to charity, volunteer for homeless people and help little old ladies across the street, but the same person could be beating their spouse. Is that person "good" in some aspects, but "bad" in others? Or can the good deeds be completely erased because of the bad deeds?
    The truth is that people don't come in two extremes: pure saints and pure evil. So calling someone "good" or "bad" completely derails the conversation. We should focus on the specific ACTION, and judge accordingly.
    I think anyone who tries to make a sweeping notion that someone of differing views can be "good" is only trying to derail the conversation and make it more about "getting along" with people of different views, rather than discussing the real topic at hand (perhaps because a lack of argument or facts).

  • Of course they can be

    Of course, that doesn't mean everyone. There are plenty of virulent, immature bigots who attack anyone who opposes gay marriage (talking to you, BZPower staff) but most people won't want your head for disagreeing with them. I'm a firm believer that most everyone wants to do good by their beliefs, and if that means supporting/opposing gay marriage, so be it, as long as you are respectful.

    Posted by: TN05
  • The Answer Is Yes

    I say yes to gay marriage, because of human rights. But still, I really dislike it. People who oppose to it are just expressing what they think about it. This is the same with the people with it. Everyone has the right to speak and express their thought. This is all basic human rights, and their's nothing wrong with that.

  • Of course they can!

    Gay marriage has been a hot button issue for the last few years and it's quite amazing that only a few decades ago, public opinion what the complete opposite of where it is now. But considering the fact that the issue isn't relevant to the majority of people in this country. I can look past both the staunch advocates and critics and be friends with who I like, based on the type of person they are. I don't judge what people believe unless it's directly detrimental to society. Opposing or supporting it isn't detrimental.

    Posted by: JDuB
  • There is still hope for them.

    A "good person", what does it mean to you to be a good person? I find it hard to judge someone just by their words, ideas, and opinions. It is by their actions, and in this area I hope we can help with. Changing their actions will help bring change to their opinions then their ideas and words.

  • Good, but ignorant.

    As long as said person actually believes that they are doing the right thing I could definitely see them as a "good person", just incredibly stupid and/or ignorant. Unfortunately being a good person doesn't mean that you necessarily will do good deeds, ignorance can be (and often is) just as scary and harmful as pure evil.

  • Yes You can

    People have different opinions about different things. We aren't perfect but we have to reflect choices to highlight what we stand for. Being against gay marriage is the way some people will feel, it doesn't mean you can't do it, it just means its not something they see the same way as you.

  • MY "opinion" isn't even really an opinion, but a fact.

    What makes a person a "good person"? His/her personality? No. His/her thoughts, feelings, and opinions? No. His/her appearance? No. The answer is anything can make a person a "good person". So, if one believes that the opinions of one does not make one a good or bad person, their opinion on this matter simply would not matter, thus, the answer would be yes. Personally, I believe that a good person can have opinions that differ from myself. In fact, how could I say that because someone disagrees with me, they must be a bad person? By that logic, I would imply that I am the ultimate role model of society. But, didn't Hitler think he was? Yet so many people disagree with Hitler. One cannot rule exactly what is good and what is bad. One must choose for themselves what is good and what is bad, and if they are to judge another by their own opinions, they could say a person is bad, but another person might say that person is good, thus, a bad person, in any case, could also be a good person. So, if that works in any case, that works for this case also.

  • For the most part, no

    If you don't support gay marriage, you're a bigot. Someone can be a "good person" and oppose gay marriage to SOME extent, but I will always judge you for that opinion. I can somewhat understand people who are for civil unions but not marriage, but in my eyes you're still not as good of a person as you could be.

  • There position is contrary to my ideas of a free,fair and just society

    Those who make the argument that gay people should not have the same right to marriage as heterosexual people are necessarily creating a separate class of people in society without good justification. There is no evidence that one chooses to be gay and to believe otherwise is unjustified. As long as people exists that are willing to deny people equal rights to others with out proper justification we can not have a just society. Would you say that being a Nazi doesn't make you a bad person? I suppose he could be very kind and compassionate and even very charitable. He might even work to support his community but you have to admit that even if he is a "nice" person his views are contradictory to a fair and just society. He wants to take away the rights of Jews (without good justification) and he wants to spread his unjustified beliefs to others in society. Just because there are allot of them doesn't mean that they aren't bad people for putting gay people beneath their boot (metaphorically speaking). Don't pretend like they aren't arbitrarily denying gay people the rights we all deserve.I'm not surprised this isn't a popular opinion however. It's hard to say that grandpa and grandma are a force of injustice in our world but its the truth.

  • Not at all

    Just think about it, you gt these 2 consenting adults, been together for a long time, been loving each other for a long time, now the time has come where they want to show their love and dedication to another...Except they can't for invalid reasons because people don't like them, so again, 2 CONSENTING ADULTS who LOVE EACH OTHER are not allowed to marry, it's like it's the 1st of Aprill, if you deny that you are not a good person

  • In my opinion, no.

    Being gay is something that can't be helped, because it is natural. People who disagree with gay marriage are looking at something natural, 2 people who are in love and declaring it gross because they are both the same gender. Gay marriage isn't unnatural, it is uncommon. I just don' t understand how someone could be messed up enough to think that 2 people who are IN LOVE shouldn't be allowed to be married because of what is between their legs. I just can't think that someone like that would be a "good" person.

  • To some extent, yes.

    Yes, you can. But not really. It's equality, it's not wrong. They're not "bad" but still. You can be a good person and stuff but like idk. I guess I'm neutral on the subject. You can be a good person, but to some extents: you're very ignorant and yeah :/

  • Must Define Good

    The human conscious is a very tricky subject. By definition conscious means: having knowledge of something; aware, being aware of wrong doing. What many define as good may be bad in other cultures. So what we really need to ask is how "good" is your conscious. For the people on the "bad side" it's not that big of a deal, they can't understand why same sex marriage is wrong. For the people on the "Good side" it's the opposite problem. Their has to be a set standard other wise no one is doing wrong including murder, rape, genocide... That's why I chose the Bible as my standard, if it says that homosexuality is wrong than so be it.

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Rasta_Jesus says2015-05-27T01:38:35.937
This can't really be answered "regardless of side," as one side is taking away the rights of other people simply for religious reasons. And the other "side" is always demonising them for it (whether they deserve it or not is debatable).