Regardless of your views on War, do you respect your nation's veterans?

  • Respect our vets.

    Regardless of what the intention is, good or bad, giving yourself up for your nations ambitions is pretty respectful. Many don't join with the intention of killing people, they join to pay for college, for an adventure or some may have other reasons. I have all the respect in the world for veterans.

  • Yes, I support them whole heartedly

    The men and women in uniform deserve to be respected and thanked. Here in Canada we have a custom that you thank a soldier when you meet them. I believe that people who are willing to die to protect our freedoms are some of the bravest people on this earth.

    Posted by: Flib
  • Respect those who give their lives

    Nobody really wants war, at least not the soldiers. Not really anyway. Vets and even those serving know gave, or are giving, their lives, their time for us. To keep us free. To keep us happy, living, fine.
    But how some/most veterans are treated when they get back is ridiculous and a whole other story

  • Of course I support my nation's (Americas) veterans... Why wouldn't I?

    Veterans, no matter what country and/or values they fight for, should at least have the respect of those that inhabit the country they serve for.

    America's veterans sacrifice everyday, they leave their families at home when they go on deployment, they fight, serve, DIE for us and our country and the freedoms that we take for granted everyday.

    I don't see how anyone doesn't at least respect his or her nation's veterans. They serve and sacrifice "That others may live."

  • Why is this even a question.

    Our veterans sacrifice more than most of us will in our life, and they do it all for us. If you're mad about the war go cry to the politicians, because you have no right to speak against our veterans. I can honestly say that anyone who votes no is no fellow American of mine and I would pray that those who do will get conscripted and shoved into the front lines.
    Otherwise I must apologize to everyone else for my zeal upon this topic, its just a shame that there should even be another option. *sigh* If god won't bless America as a whole then he best bless our veterans otherwise he is no god of mine.

  • I do agree

    I think it is important to respect those who risk their own lives in order to save others and for the greater good of their nation, but I believe over the years the intervention of western soldiers in foreign countries with the aim to liberate them is doing more harm than it is good.

  • I vote yes. I have already replied to the post made by Medi so I will past it below IOT satisfy the word count.

    I have recently retired from The U.S. Army and have spent a multitude of year in Iraq alone. While there me and brother's were not fighting the Iraqi people, we were fighting, bleeding and dying for them as we were ask to by our nation. I have seen what the mahdi army and al Qaeda have done to the people of Iraq, to men women, and children, and whole families in Iraq. I have felt and seen what they have done to my brothers who served with me and tried very hard to do to me. I get it you are 24 and know everything. I bet that you didn't know the U.S. was the only Country that was part of the coalition that DID NOT receive any special prices for Iraqi oil and has continued to pay full price. This was not about oil or getting g our jollies of to kill people. This was about a terrorist state living in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes, the Initial invasion started when Saddam sent away the U.N. weapons inspectors, making us believe that he had obtained Nukes. We already knew about his illegal and robust chemical weapons program.
    So here I am now with PTSD, TBI, crippling nerve damage, constant pain for the rest of my life arguing with an Ignorant child.

  • If it's deserved.

    Veterans do fight for our country, and I respect the people who do that selflessly. Sometimes, the veteran doesn't deserve respect. Sometimes it'll be pushed at someone arguing "I fought for your right to...", then, I would have very little respect for that person.
    Everyone should earn respect, not be given it for being part of a certain group.

  • To profess to protect a nation, does not mean that nation is being protected.

    War can't be separated from those who partake in it, since war is by definition, the fighting of more than one party against one-another. Granted, these men put their lives at stake against an enemy, but the reasons aren't cut and dry, and it just so happens that it is the reasoning behind the decision to fight that I currently don't respect.

    For instance, in World War 2, Hitler invaded half of Europe, and people went to war to stop the spread of his violence and bloodshed. People fought against a tyrannical oppression that threatened all of Europe.

    People go to war now to fight against people they've never met; people who request only that America's military step back off their land. Young recruits from America fight against brothers and sons who have been oppressed by the West for several decades, who've seen first hand what war does, whose families have been decimated, whose country has been destroyed. The young men signing up to the military in the West know very little of that because they have, by and large, lived cushy Western lives in comparison. They shout about things like 'duty' and 'responsibility' but in reality they sign up out of arrogance.

    They are not protecting the country, they are perpetuating a growing hatred for the West all around the world, being subservient to a government who want to control oil supply.

    I don't respect any man who signs up to kill people with such reckless ignorance of the circumstances of the war he goes to fight.

    Posted by: Medi
  • Veterans deserve no more respect than anybody else.

    It is always a choice to partake in war. I think it is very sad if people do not have more to live for in their life than fighting for their country. The argument that veterans keep our freedom safe is down right false. Since WW2 America has never been involved in a war that has represented a threat to its freedom, the wars they have been involved in have been supporting their own individual selfish agendas and it is deplorable to say that soldiers who sign up to risk their life for such a pathetic cause deserve more respect. I think veterans nowadays are rather short sighted and partake because they have nothing better to pursue in their lives.

  • Respect for all

    I believe all humans should respected. Is war immoral, yes. Can it be justified, sure but justification isn't morality. I believe veterans should be just as respected as anyone who has worked hard or is a good person. However there is no way one's passion could be warfare, so veterans should not be as respected as someone who knows who they are.

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