Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative: Is the regional greenhouse gas initiative a good idea?

  • Lower Carbon Footprint Now

    A regional greenhouse gas initiative is better than nothing when it comes to reducing carbon in the Earth's atmosphere. If several countries can come to some consensus as to green energy initiatives and carbon limits, it should set the example for other regional alliances around the world until all the countries of the world can figure out what do with global warming.

  • Yes. The regional greenhouse gas initiative a good idea.

    The initial motivation for the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative was to stem the tide of global climate change. Hurricanes were happening often. It was a regional program in hopes to link up with states
    and regions. It was also an attempt to be a model for others. It worked and was a great idea.

  • Out Economic Growth, Or If This Happens, Reduction

    There are effects on climate change, yes, but there will be a huge drop in economic growth. People will lose jobs, major companies will lose trillions of dollars, and out overall economy will most defiantly shrink the productivity of out economic system. There are other ways we can stop climate change, not just this.

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