Registrar in Santa Clara County saved $90,000 by not handing out "I Voted" stickers: Should voting stickers be stopped to save money?

  • The cost of "I Voted" stickers is a lot and could go to other things.

    I would say that the "I Voted" stickers are important. They are a proud badge for one to wear after they vote and the serve as a reminder to those around you to get out and exercise your right to cast their vote. But if a county is truly hurting for funds, the stickers are obviously a cost that can easily be cut to redirect funds to those items that could truly help people.

  • That's a huge waste!

    I never had considered the money spent on these little stickers. Honestly, I was a bit saddened yesterday when I didn't get my customary sticker after voting, but after seeing this, I am perfectly fine with not getting one. A sticker means nothing in the long run, and if that much money is saved by nixing them, then I say let's never have them again!

  • I, they should not

    Voting stickers help remind people to do thier civic duty and to vote. They are one of the ways that people can show off thier support for the democratic process. Stickers are not a major expense for any counties budget and they are a nice way of rewarding people and encouraging the democratic process.

  • I like them

    I don't know who pays for the stickers, but that's a significant savings and if it's in taxpayer dollars, I guess I can sort of see that. I do like the stickers as a symbol though, and I think the help highlight how important the voting process is, and how lucky we are to be able to vote.

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