Regret the decision of indonesian govermant still conduct death penalty for convicted drug dealers

Asked by: varadila
  • Its just not worth it...

    The death penalty shouldn't be held to drug dealers. Even though they are criminals, the government does not have the right to take someones life. It sickens me to see that the government are taking their power too far. Death isn't just a toy you can't just kill someone and walk away like nothing ever happened. Every life is beautiful even if a person uses a life for a bad action. We are mere human no one is " better " than another. We each serve a purpose in this world, that government is pathetic they believe killing is the only way to assure peace.
    Just like in the olden days governments ruled with an iron fist lasted a fairly good amount of time. A problem with that however is that over time people are going to hate the government until they revolt. Afterword not only the government will fall but " their " people will too. Than other governments have to chip in waste their time and money to stop the revolt and more blood shed will happen. Its just not worth it :/
    Where as governments that leads by example not only last long too but also has the peoples hearts. So not only will the people not revolt but when there comes a time ( war ) when the government needs people. The people will help out since the government treated them fairly. How do you think America lasted this long already with all these wars.
    Finally I'm not saying criminals like drug dealers should not be punished. I'm just saying sending them to jail is good enough, it's not terrible and it's fair. In conclusion this is why I SAY NO TO THE DEATH PENALTY.
    Thumps up if you like, let's make the word a better place :)

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