Rejected $975 million divorce check: Are people too greedy during divorce proceedings?

  • Yes, people are too greedy during divorce proceedings

    Too often, a divorce settlement turns into a snatch and grab session for one of the parties involved. The recent story of the ex-wife of an oil tycoon provides a very severe example of this trend. For most people, the near-billion dollars offered would be more than enough, but apparently this woman has other ideas.

  • Yes, people are too greedy, but it's also the way the law works.

    Yes, I do personally believe that people are extremely greedy during divorce proceedings, if they were married to someone who was wealthy. The thing is, though, the way it is set up is that people are generally entitled to about half, and to maintain the lifestyle they lived during the marriage. Cashing the check, Harold Hamm's former wife would be accepting it as a settlement, and with his worth being $8 billion, she felt it wasn't enough. Cashing the check would have been accepting it.

  • Enough is enough

    With $975 million dollars, that woman has more than she will ever need. Her attorneys just want to make more money off of her. She knows that she did not really earn the money. Divorce law needs to look more at who earned the money, and she needs to be grateful and walk away.

  • Holy Cow, Yes!

    WOW! When I divorced my ex, I just wanted out. I didn't take any money and actually took half of his debt just to get out the quickest that I could. I wish I hadn't taken half of his debt! If I had been married to someone who offered me that much, oh my goodness. I would have accepted that!

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