Rejection of the American way of life: Does the American way of life encourage uncooperative, undiplomatic mentalities?

  • The Liberals encourage uncooperative, undiplomatic mentalities.

    The Liberals have a tendency to encourage uncooperative, undiplomatic mentalities. Through the Liberal mentality of accepting everyone including illegal aliens and terrorists, the Liberals are destroying the country that so many have come to love. The Constitution is becoming weaker because nobody is fighting to protect it while it is still strong enough to protect us. The countries that were once our allies are now turning away from us. We are now fighting to protect the Muslim countries that hate us. The American way of life will not be the same for our children and grandchildren as it was for us. We are doing nothing but weakening a county.

  • America has been a great force

    The American way of life has been lampooned and largely ridiculed throughout the world recently, undergoing the same kind of treatment many Western countries have at the hands of revisionists. The American way of life can truly be seen in the emphasis put on freedom and inclusiveness, and the willingness of people to publicly ridicule those who are contorlling or bigoted.

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