Rejection of the American way of life: Is the American "culture" inferior to others internationally?

  • America is not a country of ladies and gentlemen anymore.

    Customer service is practically non existant and nobody seems to care about anybody but themselves and getting more money and going to university , having a "career" and being mostly hedonistic. This is not to say that people in other countries are not like this, but it is less common in other countries.

  • The American "culture" is inferior to others internationally.

    American culture focuses on consumption and entertainment. It makes people unhappy and it is socially irresponsible. The Indian culture, for example, is far superior. Indians have respect for life and they do not waste as much. Altough America is a well known country, it will not likely be powerful in the future.

  • Those Darn Yanks

    Granted Americans have ethically and morally, by all accounts by the media, lost their way – if they were even ever on it. However, America is big; very big. Reports of those in the large cities like New York, Boston, Chicago, L.A., are horrible. Keep in mind that these cities cover a relatively small amount of space compared to the millions of square miles of populated areas. In any large culture, there is an ugly side to it. But if you look past the grim that covers that society, there is a diamond there that loves itself and respects the enlightenment that the World now enjoys through
    their sacrifice.

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