Rejection of the American way of life: Is the American way of life unhealthy?

  • American Lifestyle: Supersize Me

    The American lifestyle is built upon certain unhealthy pillars. The eating styles and practices of Americans are both environmentally damaging and unhealthy, causing an epidemic of obesity. The society at large is also far too atomized, which has caused a disintegration of community and individual ties, leading to violent crime and other social ills, and overall the resources required to maintain the American way of life is both destroying the planet and other people's societies.

  • No it is not.

    The American way of life is not unhealthy, just misunderstood. Many Americans live a good life, but lately have been struggling due to a bad economic situation. We should be able to have fast foods and video games and everything to make us feel better and relieve the stress. Yes it needs to be cut down some, but our lifestyle is not unhealthy.

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