• Acordin to everything Ive seen.

    He shipped all of his valuables home before he disappeared. He wrote a letter to his dad saying he was ashamed to be american(not being a crazy pro american here, but that is fishy). He piled up most of his military things, and then he left. And there is talk of him actually consulting with the taliban.

  • His desertion led to deaths

    It is difficult to argue that his country should not have tried to free him, however reports from his own troop have shown that his attempts to flee his responsibilities has a solider led to the deaths of other soldier who went to find him. He deserted his post and therefore should face punishment by his own army.

  • Bergdahl shouldn't be considered a deserter because he was captured.

    Bergdahl shouldn't be considered a deserter because he was captured and didn't give away any top secrets about the US government. If he really did want to make the best out of a bad situation he could have told them everything he had learned while he was in the military.

  • No Bergdahl should be considered a deserter.

    While the facts in evidence show that Sgt. Bergdahl left the base without permission his conduct does not meet the legal standards of being AWOL or desertion under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). The maximum he can be charged with is dereliction of duty, which still carries a possible sentence of life.

  • Not until we have all the facts!

    We don't know why he left his post & went outside the camp. He could've been approached by a child for help & went without thinking. He could've seen something & instead of calling for back-up, or waiting for it, he acted on his own. The variables are endless. I will not think the worst, until it is proven. If he did go AWOL, he certainly got more than he bargained for!

  • No, not without more evidence.

    I believe that they should get to the bottom of what happened that night and then decide whether or not he is a deserter and what that means going forward for him. Right now all we know if that he left the base unarmed. That's not enough information to prove what his intensions were that night.

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