Religion and Thanksgiving: Should Thanksgiving be considered a religious holiday?

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  • No, Thanksgiving should not be considered a religious holiday

    No, Thanksgiving should not be considered a religious holiday. It is a federal holiday based on a universal idea of gratitude. The fact that the original festivities were centered around religious beliefs should not be a factor. It is a universal idea that fits everyone and should remain a national holiday.

  • Thanksgiving is a holiday to celebrate our history as a nation.

    I do not believe Thanksgiving should be a religious holiday because its roots are in religion, but history. Its origin dates back to the arrival of the pilgrims to America and their first harvest of the land. It is a celebration of our history and the beginning of our nation and should not be mixed with religion.

  • I would love to say an H no.

    No, Thanksgiving should not be considered a religious holiday unless genocide is an actual religion. I never personally viewed it as having anything to do with religion even when I did celebrate it. It was always a holiday our family did just because of “tradition.” Now, I don’t celebrate it as human, a Christian, or a Jew. Do tell us what “religion” Thanksgiving would fit into. I’d like to know its official name.

  • Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday

    Thanksgiving is an American tradition and is not based upon a specific religious belief. Although many religions embrace the holiday, there are many people who do not associate the holiday with any religion. It is a secular holiday on which people give thanks for the good things that have happened to them.

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