Religion Defined: The Hijacking Of Human Wonderment For Dubious Reasons??!!

Asked by: Sagey
  • Humans Have Always Held Wonderment At Life's Big Questions, They Are Easily Conned By People Who Appeared To Have The Answers.

    While humans lived in small communities, they would sit around their village fire at night often discussing their Wonderment for what stars are, the daily cycles and why they are there.
    Every tribe has it's psychopath or Megalomaniac who feels the need to be respected or even worshiped, so often they would pretend to have knowledge of how life began and why things happen. These megalomaniacs often became the tribe's leading source of Wisdom, Shaman or Witch Doctor. Their words so often became law and even the tribal chief/leader would succumb to the Shaman's control.
    Thus Megalomaniacs thrived in tribal times and got their way through lies and Deception.
    This was the birth of Religions.

    IT is very likely that Abraham was one of those Megalomaniacs who produced lies and deceptive tales to gain complete control of his tribe.
    Though people are still believing those deceitful lies many thousands of years later.

    Essentially these Shamans Hijacked the tribal member's natural wonderment for everything by diverting that wonderment into belief in lies for the Shaman's own personal megalomania, lust for power and control.

    In my own case, I almost had my natural wonderment hijacked by Christianity, but my inbuilt rationality and knowledge I had gained at primary school allowed me to see through the hijacker's motives and now I still retain my natural wonderment for everything, free of devious deceptive, false answers devised by others.
    I prefer to find and discover my own answers to my wonderment.
    Believing lies like religion, destroys and defiles that natural wonderment we all possess.

    Why let your Wonderment for Life and the Universe be Hijacked to fill the pockets of, or give power to Others!

  • Very Strong Wording Lacks Support

    First, hijacking is most commonly defined as the taking of something for a different purpose. The moment a person decides to follow anything, that is not hijacking or re-purposing, it is a person making their own life choice. Anything else like the literal act of taking a person and forcing them to do anything is called kidnapping.

    There are people who take advantage of people and steal their money. People do so not just in religion but through multiple means. But to define "religion" as one giant con that hijacks everything else is flawed because not all religions do so.

    Religious organizations are the largest givers of money in the U.S. Religious organizations give nearly $316.23 billion dollars to relief and recovery efforts. Today churches lead in the effort in the recovery of poor, unsuccessful neighborhoods. They have become a necessity of a source of hospitality and assistant living conditions.

    This definition is simply biased given by someone who already has a strong hatred for religious people and wants to categorize all of them as greedy, selfish, harmful people which isn't not the case. This is NOT a universal definition and is therefore no definition in any sense of the word.

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Sagey says2014-03-20T03:55:11.403
Forgot to mention that we are pattern and answer seeking creatures, we often subscribe to wishful thinking, that we are more than what we see of ourselves and others appear to see us. This especially applies to children who have been neglected either by parents or at school, they have a natural wish to be more and feel important.
Part of the Hijacking process is to appeal to this wishful thinking.
All religions teach that humans are more than mere thinking animals.

Thus the hijacking process is simply a process of deception, the natural search for answers is hijacked into a world of Wrong Answers and False Security.
The natural curiosity and answer seeking is reduced to a pile of rotting, smelly Fallacious non-answers.
All open mindedness (natural wonderment) is thus destroyed, by nonsense.
I prefer to keep my mind open, and not drown it in Fallacious Garbage.