Religion "GOD" or GODS was all created in MENS minds.

Asked by: assiqt
  • God is a personification

    At some point in our lives we all feel helpless and need someone to make us feel stronger. God was created by the human, to put his faith into something.
    From time to time, we all want this sense of security and justice.
    God, in this sense, is nothing more than a personification of ideas and objects.

    In many religions God is the Sun or the Moon, while in other religions God is an invisible being that has human characteristics.

    God is nothing more than hope, security, justice (etc..) personified.

  • Lies and control

    All of the religions of the world were started by men who wanted to sway opinions or gain favor and power with people of more power. Same as the oracles or seers or kings mystical advisors. Same as democrats and republicans. Do as I say. Believe as I say is right and everything will be better

  • Men invented religion to understand what they didn't understand.

    People tried to give answers to things they didn't understand, like rain, earthquakes, storms... Present day, we understand those things so religion has become unnecessary in our society. It will slowly vanish away, only a couple of people will hold on to religion... Don't worry for those who do believe in any kind of god, it's not your fault that you believe, you believe what you were programmed to believe by your parents and the society you live in. It's up to you to make up your mind and choose what you're going to believe in and what not. Like this, you become a strong individual.

    Be who you are, be who you want to be. Not what your parents tell you to believe or what I just said. Believe in yourself.

  • Mental Illness is where God came from

    Yes because even back then there were mental illnesses. Having voices, seeing visions, and strange abnormal thoughts are now known symptoms of mental illness. The prophets were all about 2000 years ago, and why haven't we had any in modern times? Now than ever before don't religions need a savior or another prophet? I say this because atheism is growing and there is a decline of believers now. Religion needs a savior, but because there haven't been any in recent years its logical to presume that previous prophets had a mental illness. Don't say there hasn't been one because society puts them down, if thats so why aren't they showing off their powers or abilities? To prove to us that God is real.

  • Athiest rate has increased

    Haven't really got a lot to say for this topic, other than the fact that athiest rate world wide has increased drastically. I think back many years ago religion was just a globally accepted thing but nowadays the world is starting to wake up and realise religion and probably god is a manmade thing.

  • The Creation of Deities is early malformed Science:

    Once upon a time mankind would observe things and attribute causes to them. Whether it were the death of other beings, the rotting of flesh, the birth, or the harvest, all things had a cause and when a physical cause could not be completely ascertained myths and deities filled those gaps to some extent.

    The funny thing is that the mythos was indeed early Science. For instance in many, many cultures The Sun was a deity that dealt mostly with life, healing, light, and fruitfulness and The Moon (alternatively The Dark) dealt with death, disease, the vile and disgusting, and so forth and so on. In reality these are not actually untrue, exposure to the sun's rays does help things grow, makes them happier, obviously light at the time was produced mainly by the sun, and one of the primary weather conditions for a good harvest due to photosynthesis was solid amounts of sunlight and rain.

    The dark was indeed connected to things like fungi and insects and "the vile", death or the great unknown was shrouded in "darkness", predatory habits of most dangerous beasts are nocturnal, and death and the like are associated with coolness or coldness which the night brings. These patterns allowed these attributions, some of which were faulty by premise but true in the long run (such as exposure to natural sunlight is healthy if you're sick) and some faulty entirely.

    The concept of RELIGION AS MIND CONTROL has no basis. People made it up and it's pretty modern. That isn't to say that organized philosophies of any sort cannot be tyrannical but instead to say that men do not seek to make up religions often throughout history; this is a practice not even completed often in the modern world with only a few of such ever even growing beyond a small gathering and then quickly dying out. While there is political power in any gathering of individuals one must remember that there is political power in ANY gathering of individuals.

  • The God Delusion

    People use god as a variable.....Think of it like a fast food, many fast food joints will claim to have the best burger (similar to many religions claiming there belief is whats true)....And you think oh cool maybe the burger will be good....But no....Its the same idea but in a different story...People would rather rely on god to do things for them and pray rather than actually doing work and thinking for themselves. They would rather read the bible than read a book on evolutionary biology. Plus, anything good that happens through religion such as being kind and having morals can already be achieved without a religion...There are atheists who have morals and they don't need a book to tell them how to be moral. All religion has done is separated humanity into little groups with each group claiming there belief is right...It only causes arguments ...........

  • It was not created in men's minds, you have no evidence for this, so the debate is pointless.

    It is ignorance to suggest otherwise, in life you have to allow others to believe in what they want to believe and you have to believe in what you want to, don't ever persecute people for what they believe in, that's entirely their decision and their right. That is how society and civilisation has advanced so much, we are a more free people nowadays, because of the acceptance of peoples personal beliefs. As a Christian myself, i spread the word of the gospel to those who want to listen to me, not to those who deny and mock me. I don't force it on anyone, we all have different beliefs, and that's totally fine by me and fine by the bible. All i strongly disagree with is atheists who seem to have a big grudge on Christianity and no respect for it whatsover. They completely mock and vandalise the image of it and blame it for anything they can think of when deep down its not even near the truth. I know that most churches are corrupt, but Jesus was not, why can't people see that. Christians all make mistakes the same way as anyone else, we just have different beliefs that we should apologise to our lord, because sin is evil. Stop the persecution, because nobody mocks you for your beliefs. Christians have done in the past, and it horrible, but i know that Christ would be ashamed of them. They know not what they do. And that is one of my favourite forgiveness line. All i ask for at the end of the day is a deal that benefits us all both ways, you respect my beliefs and I'll respect yours, because we are both right in our own minds, but that's our own opinions.

  • No, I Disagree

    I will admit that it is entirely possible that the concept of God or gods may have been conceived by the minds of men. However, I do not believe that mankind is capable of observing every phenomena. Simplified, I believe that there is more to our universe than we can scientifically see/feel/prove. In order for us to concretely say that the concept of God or gods is a manmade device, then we must logically believe that there is no supernatural entity beyond our observation. I personally believe that there are supernatural beings, and even if this theoretical being(s) is not God, it may have contributed to the conception.

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Satire says2014-10-16T15:19:34.023
I've struggled with religion or the belief of a god for a very long time now. In fact it's on my mind everyday. The struggle comes from the fact that I can't understand why people should need a rule book to be "good people". While I understand that the introduction of religion was necessary in the world before the court system and identification of criminals were not so advanced. Religion made people fear committing sin and in a way kept them under control. Today however we do not need an old, most likely fictional, book. This is one reason why I believe religion was simply created by man to control other's actions. Now let's make the assumption that god is real. How can we know that he is a good god or whether he is evil or simply neutral. We call the creator of the universe a God. As a computer science student this has me thinking I am then as the creator of a program its god since I set the rules and laws of that universe. Does being a "God" make me good? Does it mean I am perfect and have infinite power? We could simply be a program of a higher being and that being the program of another. We can also make programs that make programs now. Interesting to think about. To be honest I don't know if there is a god or not. I'm agnostic but I don't believe a religious god exists due to the reasons I have stated. Thanks for reading.
assiqt says2014-10-16T15:43:03.513
Cool......I worked in IT for years. I believe that a belief in a god or deity is just going back to primitive times
Satire says2014-10-16T16:14:49.900
@Assiqt I had that thought for some time however I think there's a likely chance of a creator. It could be something without a conscious for all we know but as many scientists state there are too many simple laws in the universe that could have been much more complex. It seems like something did design or plan this. Perhaps we're lab rats? But as I stated if we are saying that a creator is a God then there's probably a chance that there is one or more than one. I think too many people attempt to personify God and this is why it should be settled on what exactly we mean by God. If he exists I don't believe he is just waiting for everyone to die and then judge us. It's too simple for a supreme being... It's too human of a thought. I don't really understand the concept of something coming from nothing. Nothing not making sense makes more sense than nothing making sense for me. If something can be created from nothing then there are infinite nothings?