• Church and State were not intended to be seperated

    I am a student in junior high, I am religious and I have studied the Constitution, and the ideas of the founding fathers. They said that a religious people is a moral people. In today's society we need religion more than ever. Everyday at my school I hear about drugs and bullying. The F word and other cuss words is probably used around 27 times in my ear shot during one passing time.
    Yeah, you might say that it is the staff's fault for not catching it, but they wouldn't have to if these kids went to church. Throughout my life I have wondered who I would be if I hadn't been raised in a church, and I fear the thought of it when I look around me. We need it! And we need it now!

  • Allowed, but not mandated.

    If school students want to pray or have a religious club, they should be allowed to so long as students of other religions are provided the same opportunity. The issue with religion in schools comes into play when the school itself endorses one religion over another, or instructs students in one religion. The school should not sponsor religious activities, but should not restrict students from their own.

  • Christians/other religions are forced to take science but we can't even have an elective for religion?

    How is it fair that anyone of religion is forced by the state to take science, Which talks about evolution that is JUST a THEORY and it isn’t even completely proven as is the Big Bang Theory and other things that go against religion (especially Christianity), But we can't even have an elective? Why?

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  • It should be discussed in the right setting

    In my eyes (I consider myself a hard-leaning agnostic), Religion does belong in some sort of “History of Literature” or other class, Or even in its own “Religion” class. Quite frankly, It’s a hugely influential part of human history and how we ended up where we are today. However, If it’s going to be taught, It must be taught by someone well-versed in the different religions across the world who is also open-minded. In other words, The class shouldn’t state whether a certain religion is right or wrong, But rather explore the different religions across the world (there’s plenty to pick from, Around 3. 000) and their origins, Then letting the students decide for themselves whether they choose to align with a certain religion or not.

  • Yes but hold your britches.

    In what sense should religion be allowed in public schools? This is the important question.
    1) as a private expression by an individual student? Yes.
    2) as an elective class? Yes but only if it gives education about all religions.
    3) as part of lituriture, History, And philosophy? Yes. You can't go 2 steps in any of those in the western world with out including how religion affected each of these.
    4) as a mandated class? No.
    5) as indoctrinated truth? No! Just no.
    Here's the problems I've seen.
    A class is given that teaches all world religions and the parents of the Christian kids scream about how they don't want their babies to hear the teachings of Shiva.
    The School is (99%) Christian practicing faculty and so to get around the constitution they let a student lead an event in a Christian prayer. You know what would happen if that student instead led a prayer to Odin (norse faith for those how don't know)? The faculty would quickly jump on the student to prevent him or her from completing it AND the christian parents would lose their minds. What's worse is that student would lose friends, Receive death threats, Get bad grades suddenly (from teacher dissaproval), And possibly physical violence.
    For those in this discussion that believe that Christian teaching makes for a better child I would like to point out the studies that say different. In other words religious teaching does not a better child make. Morals can be taught in other ways (scandalous thought I know).
    I'm okay with religion being given it's proper place in a public school. However, It's clear from my experience and study that the Christians have no intention of allowing religious freedom if it benefits any one else other than their own.
    Once the Christians and other Mesionic monotheistic faiths learn to play nice with the other kids and share, Then I don't any see any problem with religion in schools.

  • Yes they should .

    I think that public schools should teach religion at schools as a alective maybe and if there intrested in religion they can learn it .. Also of course if they have a permission slip sign by there parents that they can learn about different religions . Of course thats just my opinion though .

  • If we didn't let kids practice their religion in school we would be monsters

    Let's say someone is super nervous about a test and they happen to be a Christian. If they want to pray at their desk, who are we to say no? If that's what helps them, we need to let it happen. And let's say a Muslim asks to go out of the class for a moment and pray. Why on earth would we say no?! That is being oppressive and rude, and we are supposed to be given freedom of religion anyway. Religion needs to be allowed in schools. The fact that anyone disagrees with this scares me.

  • Choose to learn religion

    Religion should be an option, not force the kids. If they want to learn more about a religion, then they should be able to. If they don't want to learn about it, they don't have to, it's their choice. We should be letting kids get an opinion on what they should and should not learn

  • No! Just stop!

    Why the hell is it a good idea to take a place of learning and science, and cram it full of ghost stories from various religions that most kids wouldnt ever even give a single damn about religion. If you teach kids made up stuff from a dusty old book, do it at church. Dont bring it into my schools >:3

  • Causes conflict more than being free

    I have seen many different religions in my school we are all very closed off and we live in a small community so we aren't open minded. This idea could hurt the kids that support one religion that many others think is wrong. I know that is bullying but maybe if we keep things like that to ourselves we shouldn't have to worry about them being bullied or hurt for the way they do their prayers or the way they can't eat certain foods. This is a gate for ones to get bullied or people to become a bully.

  • Religion at school should not be allowed

    Yes, it is true that religion is important to some people, but not everyone. If you have a strong opinion about your religion then look for the right place for you. The society is diverse and unique. We have to respect other cultures and their status. There are students that don't believe in any religion and they must be respected. Students should be free to practice their beliefs, but those beliefs should not be institutionalized

  • No, religion should not be allowed in public schools at least.

    Yes, it is true that religion is important to some people, but not everyone. If you have a strong opinion about your religion then a private school is probably the place for you. The society in a public school is a diverse and unique one filled with kids from all over the world. I am a religious person but I also respect other cultures and their status.

  • No religion in schools

    I am a religious person but disagree in having religion in school because of two things. First there are students that don't believe in any religion. Also public schools don't have the funds or extended day to teach religion in school because they have to buy books and cut time off other classes

  • Religion should not be allowed in schools.

    Religion is something that should be kept out of schools at all cost. It is the worst when religion is trying to be forced down on kids when they have no other option but to listen because the school is demanding it. Kids and people in general should have free choice to believe in what they want and decide for themselves if they want to be religious.

  • Not in the "Bible Belt"

    I live in the deep south, or the so called "bible belt." If a person speaks up about a religion other than Christianity, or pokes holes in a not so well read Christians argument, they would have a whole class room angry and offended. Many times, they would just yell at them saying that they are dumb. This is not a good idea to encourage.

  • Religion shouldn't be mandated in PUBLIC schools.

    I think that this issue is pretty simple--if it's a private school they should be able to teach whatever they want. If it is a government funded public school then religion can not be forced on the kids. They should be able to have optional religious studies courses, but otherwise they have to keep religion out of schools.

  • It Should Not Be

    I am a religious person, but I do not think it should be in schools. This is because the controversy that always comes up when someone prays or does something that people who are not religious disapprove of There should just be a separation of church and state so we don't have these problems.

  • Not In Public Schools

    Public schools are a place that serves a multicultural society. They should not teach religion outside of a comprehensive "World Religions" curriculum. Students should be free to practice their beliefs, but those beliefs should not be institutionalized. If parents want a religious education for their children, they can send them to a private school.

    Posted by: rpr

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