• Yes, Any monothestic religion that claims only one almighty god are oppresively evil and false

    Any monothestic religion which claim there is only one true almighty god, Which on its own premise is horribly oppressively evil and is easily disproven by the question of evil and sufferings in this world - if there is an almight all powerful god, Why doesn't he do anything to help relieve the mass sufferings and horrible conditions of this world? (eg. Natural disasters, Short lifespan, Diseases, Mass wealth ineqaulties, Wars, Famine, Preadtor & posionous animals & plants. . . . Etc. ), Either the God is powerless, Or horribly malicious - no better than a demon.
    Plus this whole permise of "one god" is oppresively unfair and absurd - if there is only one god, Does that mean nobody else can be elvated to be his equal? Or forever be that evil God's slave and suffer unjust tyranny?

    And not only that, But many followers of monothestic God-based religions have commited horrible deeds in the name of their God thorughout history (eg. Crusade wars, Oppresive subjugation, Women & child & minority abuse. . . Etc. ). Many oppressive evil rulers have used the guise of religions to horribly abuse and pillage the populace for their own selfish means.

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David_Nichols says2020-10-31T03:03:55.713
Atheism is a religion too.

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