• Logic over fantasy

    Science supports its ideas and argues for more evidence before those ideas become accepted by the majority. Religion asks for the majority to follow blindly. Man kinds greatest skill is to question everything. Religion does not encourage this and consequently results in unfair treatment and persecution of people. May the search for truth always prevail over dogma and morals.

  • It is becoming an excuse for evil

    Many times in history, religion has been used as an excuse for violence. Many terrorists use god as a reason to kill people of a different religion. The crusaders used it as an excuse to murder civilians because they were of a different religion. There have been bloody wars between people of the same religious group (Christian on Christian, etc.). It has even been a reason for genocide. Nowadays, it is also a reason for stupidity and intolerance. Kim Davis uses it as an excuse to discriminate against innocent LGBT people. ISIS kills people because they aren't Muslims. Paranoid people even arrest Muslims for making a clock, because "It looks like a bomb". People even won't believe in simple scientific concepts, such as the world is billions of years old, because of the Bible. Religion is becoming a thing of the past. It must change, or we will get rid of it.

  • Pick and Choose

    Churches are stealing people's money, people are killing because "god spoke to them." People are using the bible (something written how long ago??) to justify being bigots. Worst of all, their only reason for being a good person is the fear of going to hell. How about being a good person, just because you should.

  • Religion is a malignancy. It is essentially malign, ie evil in nature or effect.

    This is not a newly realized or futuristic notion. Religion has always been this way. Most wars have been religious in nature. More innocent people have been murdered and terrorized via religious expediency than by any other method. Religion is only noticeable when it is up to mischief. It is a club wielded indiscriminately by a 'moran'. What's new.
    We will have a cure for cancer, just in time for these people to lead us to their end-game. Religious logic is a form of brain cancer that makes you do the wrong thing for the correct reason. You bomb a hospital to sow freedom. You tell people that they are going to heaven, if they rape Yazidis women. If this is not a malignancy of thought, then I do not know what is. Catholics hate and kill Protestants. Sunnis hate and kill Shia. They can't even organize a pilgrimage without killing themselves. What is there here to debate?

  • I believe yes and no, but I had to click something. So hear me out.

    Religion is just one big theory, thinking we have the answer to life when there isn't one and behind it all is controlling us with fear. It limits ourselves from exploring new ways to make this world a better place by coming off as being peaceful, true, and the fear of having no control over our own future, believing that breaking a religious rule results in punishment either during or after life. I think it's extremely mentally harming to give up control of yourself to worship some "greater power" and degrading humanity by making us the ones with something to prove. The way you live your life is not something to be compared to by a religious view, but by your own view. I really wish people could see that they are way better than they think they are by having the ability to think, discover, live and love beyond the manipulation religion holds. We all currently have the same enemy in this world, religious or non-religious, and that is the government. They know dam well we'd be better off without religion, it's all a money making ploy to disguise the real suspect. Churches make billions of dollars from clueless people in need of some life leadership. It's disgusting....... So don't blame the followers, it's the corrupt leaders. They want us to turn against each other, remember that. LOVE EVERYONE.

  • All belief systems have some extremists/militants to them.

    It is almost unheard of to find a belief system, regardless of religious or not that doesn't have some extremists to them because all belief systems have some nutty people to them. Not only that, but religions are often used to cling to the past, justify resistance to progress, like the anti-LGBT arguments. Religions have often clashed with science over basic scientific ideas and principles that have been proven to be correct, like the Big Bang, evolution, etc. There's no harm with the "personal relationship religious with god: person who worships their religion and doesn't do harm to others, but often it's used to justify being intolerant and promoting violence by the extremists/militants.

  • Necessary then, but not now.

    Religion is simply an archaic social construct developed for multiple reasons, unfortunately one of them was control. The universe before humanity was uncaring and intimidating, and they had no comprehension of how it all worked. They needed these stories to feel as if they had made sense of it all, so they turned not to the explanation they deserved, but the one they needed. Nowadays we are advanced and capable, we can observe and explain our universe much better than our ancestors and thus no longer need these ancient fables.

    Unfortunately the downside of religion goes far beyond being simply unnecessary, and humanity is worse off for it. Religion holds us back at its best, and murders us at its worst. Christians fight against science in our schools, Islamic militants butcher innocents in the third world, all in the name of God. Let me be clear in saying that I would never advocate the criminalization, or an Atheistic Government (which is not the same thing as a secular Government) that trashes theists, but I believe that Religion is tearing at the fabric of a potentially peaceful and forward thinking society. Religion may have been a necessary evil, but today it is no longer necessary.

  • Religion is one of the most despicable human flaws of all time.

    Lots of people like to say money is the root of all evil, but not far behind it is organized religion. It's a social virus. It spreads between human minds, embedding itself deep within the psyches of believers and protecting itself with a series of cognitive biases. Religion not only holds back the progress of the scientific world but can quickly lead to violence. Religion is one of the most perverted lies of all time, and it's led to a host of issues from child abuse to jihadis, from Shiite/Sunni conflicts to the Crusades. There is no way this world, in the 21st century, should still be a puppet to horrible systems of belief like religion.

  • It's belief in the unproven.

    Religion is used by our rulers (the ruling class) to control us and make us fight each other (divide and rule). It makes the downtrodden put up with shit lives and work harder (because they're waiting for the afterlife) which benefits the ruling class again.

    The religious defer their lives which in reality amounts to stealing from themselves. They waste the only thing they have - the here and now.

    I'm disappointed that the images used here are of Muslims, not Christians or Catholics. Islamaphobia is toxic - hate the religion not the followers.

    I urge the curious to visit jesusneverexisted.Com

  • Religion has no use.

    Religion has no regard for the truth whatsoever. You may ask how is this dangerous? Believing in false things can cause real harm. If I believed batter acid cured my stomach ache, should I still drink it? How about if if I believed I can fly and I jumped off a bridge? This isn't a hard concept at all. I'll challenge anybody in here to name one thing you couldn't take on faith. If I said, the universe was created by green beans and I take that on faith, that becomes equally as valid as any sort of God creating the universe. How do people not see this?

  • The FBI and history disagree.

    Most of the problems in the world are not caused by religion and that includes terrorism.

    In the United States and Europe for example most terrorism and attempted terrorism according to the FBI and European Union law enforcement is not linked to Islam.

    Most of the top ten wars in history {based on causalities} is not religious-based.

    The top ten leading causes of death in the world are not linked to religion.

    So we would still have most of the world's problems without religion.

    Religion is accused of promoting fairy tales but it is a fairy tale to believe that without religion the world would have no wars or terrorism.

  • It is ridiculous to put them all religions under the same umbrella.

    "Religion", is not some huge monolithic entity. Putting them all under one flag is utterly ridiculous. Some religions, like scientology, are little more than scams. Others, like Christianity, have provided the very backbone for western civilization. After the fall of Rome, Christian Monks were the ones who preserved literacy and culture through the monastery. So, on even on a secular view, Christianity has helped society, more than it has hurt it.

  • Religion is not a cancer, the thirst to the power is.

    In most religion, people are told to be in the bright side. But sometimes the religions are used by people seeking for power and wealth. They tell people they are the good and others are evil, and force their people clean the unbelievers just like the Ori in the Star Gate and the ISIS in nowadays. Although they do terrible things under the name of religion, they just use their religions, they actually twisted the original religious. If no religion exists, they will simply change the tool and continue the path.

  • No, the extremists are.

    You can't say that ALL religions are the problem with the world, thats like saying every African American man is a killer or drug dealer, no that's not right at all. Some religions are actually trying to better the world. The problem are the extremists(like ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc.) who think it's ok to kill people in the name of their god

  • No. Heresy is the cancer.

    If you look at the terrorists and whatnot, it's often a very specific group that may or may not have been censured by the wider community. For reference, there's a bunch of guys who read a fanfic of the Bible and thought it looked cool. They went on to create a system where membership was compulsory on pain of death based off of it.

  • Radicalism is the cancer.

    The problem isn't religion, its radicalism. The cancer is the radicalism. A weapon is not dangerous if the owner is responsible and not crazy.
    The Inquisition was very bad. If Jesus was to be there he would stop everything immediately since that isn't what he implied.

    Anyways, you cant all blame it on religion. Mao and Staling killed more than 100 million people and they were complete atheism.

    Correcting your original statement, the cancer isn't religion, its radicalism and it must be destroyed.

  • Religion is a source of meaning and order for many.

    Humans have a spiritual yearning. They want to know answers to questions such as Why they do what they do? What their obligations are to others? Religion offers an accessible pathway to explore and find satisfying answers to these questions. The religious community is supportive and discussion of these profound questions is possible.

  • It depends on the religion

    All religions are not the same. This is a flawed question based on a generalization. Some religions can be evil while some can be good but by taking the short cut and illogically grouping them all together based on the label of "religion" you are able to adhere to political correctness. There is no way around it. We can only know the truth about these different worldviews through objective and unbiased analysis of their religious texts.

  • Not all religions are the same

    Sure, there are certain religions that can cause bad things, but there are also plenty of religions that either keep to themselves, or promote positive things. For example, take a look at many Pagan religions. Almost none of them have a strict set of rules, and those that do, don't have many you need to follow.

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