• Not the "greatest", maybe not a "threat", but an item of concern

    I really didn't know which side to post on, because I really don't think it's the "greatest". I do not even think it's really a "threat" which must be immediately addressed. To answer Alex50o's post, terrorist attacks would still have happened without religion. The point of the terrorist attacks is to instill terror, hence the name. The attacks themselves did not have anything to do with religion. The organization that organized them did. In addition, to answer ZacGraphics, yes, atheists do sometimes try to convince Christians that God is a figment of their imagination. But do not Christians to the exact same thing to Atheists? When I was in elementary school, every other kid went to church. Except me. I didn't believe in God. Honestly, I think I didn't believe because my parents didn't. But either way, I didn't believe in God and I was constantly swamped with kids arguing with me. I didn't ask for the argument. Some kid simply asked if I went to church. And yes, ZacGraphics, the image is indeed biased. But is it not true that the religion itself threatens the punishment of hell on nonbelievers? I am not sure on this, but if I am wrong, please correct me. If I am right, then atheists have as much right as anyone to argue back. Imposing a religion on others via threats of hell is definitely throwing the whole world of leaves into flames. So I think your post is incorrect in that it's both sides in the flame war. It's not "atheists attacking Christians", it's "atheists and Christians arguing". To answer you, Vox_Veritas.. I found your post VERY narrowminded. It seems like you're forgetting what an atheist is. For us, there is no heaven, there is no hell, and therefore there is no percentage change. And your claim that atheism is the greatest threat? To human souls? What legitimate proof or evidence do you have that will actually help you prove your point? And in addition, yes, the Christian gospel will not be accepted by many people if the world would be a atheistic world. And from our point of view, that's okay. But you act as if all atheists are actively trying to convert the world to atheism. No, they are not, no more than Christians want the world to be a Christian world. And yes, the law will hold people back. Because yes, atheists do have morals. We see just as much reason to act selflessly as you do, except we view it as we will feel better because of it, while you might do it because God is watching.

  • I do not agree it is the greatest, but it is one of them.

    Religion always caused death, war, intolerance and it is stopping us from understanding the universe, it is also stopping our technological, medical, and our scientific development . Not to forget about terrorism, without religion, no 9/11, no ISIS, no al Qaeda and no more oppression from theocratic governments. Thank you.

  • Actually, atheism doesn't work that way

    I don't believe that religion is THE GREATEST threat to humanity, but it's a problem. Look at terrorism. People claim that atheists have no morals (which is EXTREMELY offensive to me, btw), but that's simply not true. Religious people just can't understand this. There are some things that, as a human, you just do not do, which religion establishes, but there are other things (like not eating chameleons and stoning gay people) that religion requires for no discernible reason. Look at the 10 Commandments. Five of them are common sense (last five), but five of them only apply to judaeo-christian morals (first five). So half the Commandments are rock-solid, and half require things of believers that are actually morally unnecessary without religion, like not working on a Sunday and not taking God's name in vain. This reflects religion accurately, to me; a stack of books and a bunch of church visits that get you back to the same place you were before, only with a lot more work. Exception is for religions like Buddhism that advocate practices like meditation that are healthy and beneficial without overburdening a believer's mind with learning and say-so. That's my take on this; please no more atheist-burning, the witch hunts ended 400 years ago.

  • In Class Learning

    By what I learn in social studies and what the teacher says, I would agree with this statement that someone has provided for us. I am still young though so there is still much I need to learn about this tpic to say if it is totally true or not, but at the time I would say yes.

  • New World Order

    One Govt, one military, one Faith! But whose faith? The Abrahamic religions all require one god(monotheism) , but they want to replace him with Jesus/Maitraya/Lucifer or a twisted new saviour/messiah.
    Once Jerusalem is fully secured, I can see a "Fake Jesus descending from a man-made UFO"....A miracle by levitation......
    Scientists, Athiests, UFO believers and other eastern philosophys can all be brought back to a Faith in one......Jesus or whatever >>>" your Bible,Koran etc has it wrong, I am the one, listen to my Vicar(pope), and I will be back soon".......Or something similar, to bring in the Great Deception......

  • Religion is a lie.

    The truth is in sentences that, understand and perception formed be, without any believe. So, Believe created, is the same truth.
    Religion is a threat to humanity. Religion is dangerous.
    The main reason World War III is religion. And Soon it will happen. The ignorance of people has been the reason for all the bloody battles of the past. And the human race will be destroyed.
    People are foolish. They will in any way as they do not think, do not question and not research. Awareness and understanding will come down together.
    Religion is a lie. And came into existence for control Brains .
    Such as Egypt. Iraq, Saudi Arabia. Iran.
    Soon the whole world will surround. All countries will surrender.
    Brains are controlled by lies and hypocrisy. The people will die for religious ruling.
    Wife and children to be sacrificed. Since they called a martyr.

  • No, Emphatically No

    Atheism is the greatest threat to humanity, actually. The greatest threat to human souls. An atheistic world will be a world where the Christian gospel is accepted by nobody (or almost nobody). The difference in percentage in humans who go to Heaven and humans who go to Hell will increase massively compared to what it was in the past (in a negative sense).
    There is no field of technological development which religion hinders, and wars can be caused by a very large number of factors.
    Atheist morality is extremely shaky; one generation of atheists may decide to do the right thing for the heck of it, but I don't see how this system is sustainable. Eventually a generation would emerge which would go "hey wait a minute, what's the point in acting selflessly?" and there'll be nothing to hold them back but the law.

  • No it is not.

    Might I point out that the image is logically fallacious. The person(s) making that statement say it as if they can read the mind of every religious person who does good things as with atheists. For instance, have the person(s) making the statement ever consider for example, a charitable Christian might be charitable because Jesus has shown the ultimate love by dying on the cross for our sins, and the least he/she can do is to share that love with the less fortunate. The same applies to atheists. The statement assumes that every atheist that does good does it for the sake of goodness when there could be other motives such as doing it for the sake of "good" publicity.

  • That's pretty silly.

    Look, the vast majority of everyone on the planet are religious and have been for thousands upon thousands of years. If it was actually true that religion was the "greatest threat to humanity" then we would all be dead already. Furthermore we have never actually had a time in the history of humanity that, because of religion, humanity was threatened. At most maybe one could say that terrorists, driven by religion, are a threat to humanity, but again that is pretty silly. They don't have WMDs and there are probably a lot of safeguards in place to prevent them from ever getting them. Overall it has been empirically denied that religion is a threat to humanity, and for someone to assert that it is a threat is pretty silly.

  • No, and it could be argued that Atheism is a greater threat.

    Imagine that Christians are a pile of leaves, through the eyes of an Atheist. They may be annoying to some, and especially while in your yard, but Atheists, to some extent, have proved to be a lighter. I see plenty of times, Atheists that find pleasure in proving Christians wrong, and love doing it over the Internet. Why? Any human loves the feeling of being 'higher up' or 'exalted', and it doesn't matter what your religious ideals are. Now, of course this doesn't apply to all Atheists, and certainly isn't meant to be hateful towards anyone, but when Atheists light the metaphorical 'pile of leaves' known as Christians, the Christians tend to fight back, and thus, a flame war. Religion itself isn't the greatest threat, but the strong disagreement and hate that sparks between Christians and Atheists, is pretty bad. Religion, one could argue, is that pile of leaves. Someone can come along and light them, and start a catastrophic argument. Also, I don't think the image is accurate, and seems extremely biased.

  • Truth always beneficial

    God Is love
    Religion is nothing more than the Teachings of God laws and his interaction with all mankind
    Those that look at the few times in History' of greedy men have twisted God teaching for they're greed ,want, and gain ! Forget like all teachings .It's always the responsibility of the student to follow the teaching as taught.
    God Is Love ! Almost every single religion teaches this !
    Only Blind men blame the teachers for the wrongs of they're students .
    Atheist also forget or reject the many great deeds ,and Wonderful Benefits that Faith in God has brought too Billions of People Now and throughout history .

  • The image shown is wrong

    It says, "Believers do good things out fear of death and Hell with expectations of great reward Atheists do the right thing because it's the human thing to do." The first statement is wrong, but the second statement is right. A true believer who understands the Bible does the right thing to respect their God, knowing that they don't have to. In the Bible, it says a murderer on the cross next to Jesus was saved, and went to heaven. Whether you go to heaven or Hell has nothing to do with how you perform in life, according to Christianity. In fact, according to Christianity, a horrible, murdering, evil psychopath who killed his parents and loved ones, who suddenly believed, then died, would go to heaven, but a moral atheist who helped the poor would go to hell if they died that way. I don't see how doing the right thing out of respect could be a threat to anybody.

  • Absolutely Not No

    This is a straw man argument, you are blaming religion for many things, this is not in any way correlated to religion, if someone wants to commit an immoral act, they will ob course try to illegitimate it, or justify it first, why- because a large chunk of society is composed of bad people, only a fraction of which are sociopaths, so they must justify it, they can justify it by anything, it just so happens to be that religion is convenient.
    There are many other acts which were justified without it, the rein of terror included the decapitation of roughly 40,000 people, and yet the rein of terror legalized religion.
    Slave masters used pseudoscience such as skull shapes to justify slavery.
    The Nazis used evolution to justify their massacre of the Jews, by saying that they were "Aryans", and that they were "more evolved than Jews".

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