Religious belief: Are religious beliefs rational (yes) or irrational (no)?

  • Yes they are rational

    There is so much evidence proving that the bible is indeed very much real and people fail to realize it because maybe they choose not to or they just do not want to take the time to really get to learn what it says and so they choose to criticize it.

  • Religious beliefs are irrational.

    According to Merriam-Webster online, rational means "based on facts or reason and not on emotions or feelings." The same source defines fact as "something that truly exists or happens" or "a true piece of information." Religion is based on a literal interpretation of various scriptures - sometimes a very literal interpretation. This is dogma: things that are believed without proof. At the core of most every religion is some form of deity and a creation story. While it seems to be a persistent need for humans to question our origins, the answers based in religion are not rational and largely date from a time before science was able to provide some basic information.

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